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Chehel Sotun Garden Presents Persian Paradise

Chehel Sotun palace is a garden for royal gatherings, and welcoming ceremonies and a place for the king to spend his leisure time.
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Introduction to Chehel Sotun Garden

For the royal families all around the world, having a space like a private garden with a pergola, where they can relax, in a way to be connected to the Government Palace through a path, was essential. The Chehel Sotun Garden is the same place where, royal gatherings, and welcoming ceremonies were held in, and was somehow, the place for the king to spend his leisure time there.

Chehel Sotun Palace Paintings, Persian Architecture Heritage


History of The Royal Garden

The construction date of the Chehel Sotun Garden goes back to the Safavid era, at ruling time of Shah Abbas I. When he moved the capital from Qazvin to Isfahan, he rebuilt all the monuments he had created in Qazvin during his reign in Isfahan. At the time of his region, he ordered to create a pergola-shaped monument for the domestic and foreign guests, which is known as the main element of the current structure. At the region of Shah Abbas II, the mansion was expanded, and halls and porches were added to the basic structure. This monument is mentioned as the happiest, and the most auspicious building of the whole world in its inscription.

Chehel Sotun Garden, Isfahan travel attraction

Architecture of Chehel Sotun

The construction of Chehel Sotun Mansion is a combination of Chinese, Persian, and European style. A grand porch is built on the East side of the mansion, including 18 wooden pillars, on the top of each is designed with delightful, lovely mogharnas. The four middle pillars are created on four stone lions from which, water flows out of their mouths in to the marbles grand pond in the middle of the porch.

The entrance of the Mirror Hall is another spectacular part of this magnificent, enchanting Safavid monument, which includes two pillars on each side. All over the entrance is covered with stunning, and eye-catching mogharnas art work, and pieces of mirrors, which are worked around the tall mirrors. If you look upside to the roof, you’ll be enchanted by the delightful shapes and mogharnas works.

The Central Hall of Chehel Sotun Mansion, which is the scene of epic stories drown on each side of the hall, was allocated to the foreign guests.

Chehel Sotun Garden, Isfahan travel attraction

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