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Moghadam Museum

Moghadam Museum is a Qajar mansion that expresses the glory and grandeur embracing an eye-catching eastern-western architecture.
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Introduction in Moghadam House

Moghadam House is a Qajar mansion that expresses the glory and grandeur of that time. The place with eye-catching architecture is located in the heart of one of the busiest streets in Tehran. Moghadam house was once a residence where life was going on, has become a stunning museum that exposes its history to visitors.

The mansion belonged to one of the Qajar court officials named Mohammad Taqi-Khan Ehtesab-al-Molk. He had two sons, Hassan and Mohsen, who went to Europe to study for a while. His eldest son was involved in literary, social, and political activities and died at a young age. But, his younger son, Mohsen, returned to Iran with his wife, Salma, after completing his studies in France and settling in the father’s house (now the site of the Moghadam Museum).

Moghadam House

The reason for naming the Moghadam House Museum

After his father’s death, Mohsen Moghadam takes charge of his ancestral home. He and his wife, alongside their other activities, had a great interest in culture and history, so they installed many valuable works such as carved tiles and stones to decorate the house. Also, they collected glorious treasures for the future by gathering things such as a collection of glass, paintings, pottery, seals, historical documents, etc., in the fatherly house. Hence, the house is known as the Moghadam House Museum and is one of the most attractive and valuable houses by many writers and visitors.

It is interesting to know that Mohsen Moghadam was one of the professors of archaeology at the University of Tehran, and in 1972 A.D decided to dedicate the house to the University of Tehran. But unfortunately, he passed away in 1987 A.D, and the administration of the house was entrusted to his wife. After three years, his wife also died, and then the University of Tehran directly took over the management of the Moghadam Museum Garden.

Moghadam House Museum


The architecture of Moghadam House

The Persian architecture is well observed in the house by following the principles of building a Persian garden, such as a pond, stained glass, etc. Also, flower arranging and landscaping with plants provide a pleasant atmosphere for visitors.

There is a tower (Master Building) in the western part of the house, whose exterior view and architecture have inherited the medieval style. The building was built by Professor Mohsen Moghadam himself and one of his students for his French wife and is decorated with tiles from the Qajar period and displays parts of Persian art.

A balcony with several stunning arches and columns has been built in the northern part of the place, decorated with tiles from the Zand and Qajar eras. One of the significant points of the Qajar balcony of the Moghadam Museum Garden is the marble pond that has been transferred here from Fath-Ali Shah’s bathroom, and the water that flows from it streams into a pool (Howz) through a narrow stream. Undoubtedly, the Qajar balcony is one of the most picturesque parts of the house, which attracts the eyes of every viewer for a while.

Moghadam House

The Wall of Modernity in the Moghadam House

There is an outside (summer) building on the south side of the house, used in the warm seasons. A counter room, which was used as a side room for the reception during the life of Mohsen Moghadam, is now a place to display photo frames and personal accessories that belong to Master Moghadam.

Continuing to visit the place, you can see a wall with spiral turquoise columns in the middle of the house, known as the wall of modernity, and has separated the inner and outer courtyards. The wall is made of several columns with tiled arches, which the base of them belongs to the palace of Nasser al-Din Shah’s sister and has created a captivating view.

The Wall of Modernity

The architecture of the inner courtyard and the Spring house of the Moghadam House

A spectacular balcony, which includes delicate and artistic plastering, is located in the northern part of the inner courtyard. The next part is the inner courtyard house, where Mohsen Moghadam and his wife have designed it inspired by the Persian carpet design.

The Springhouse (Howz-Khaneh), the basement of Moghadam Museum, is one of the oldest parts of the house because it is one of the parts were created in the same years of the beginning of the construction, at the same time as the Mozafari period. Finally, you can use the library where Mohsen Moghadam’s books are kept, which in the past was a small workshop for the great art lover master.

Moghadam Museum Garden


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