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Ovan Lake, the most exquisite natural landscape

Ovan lake is one of the natural lakes full of beauty and wonder that can help you To feel the peace of nature.
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Introduction to the Ovan Lake

To feel the peace of nature, you can find pristine places with pleasant weather by moving away from big cities and spending hours peacefully in the heart of nature. Nature shows itself to us as sea, lake, plain, forest, desert, river, mountain, garden, etc. One of the most stunning natural landscapes, where you can sit down to observe and get an indescribable feeling, is the lakes and the peace that reigns over them. The Ovan Lake is one of the most exquisite natural landscapes in the world, located 75 km from Qazvin and in the Alamut region.  Imagine you have set up camp around a lake, a bright fire, and a cool breeze blowing from the mountains. A spring rain begins slowly, the tiny drops kiss your face, and you warm your hands on the half-lit fire, happy with the freshness of life. The birds are singing cheerfully, and you may be their only audience. As if due to your arrival, nature has set up a celebration. The lake dances with calm and small waves and takes your soul on an imaginary boat to distant horizons. Suddenly, the small and big fish jumping in the lake will break the silent symphony of the night. Just listen, do you hear?

Ovan lake is one of the natural lakes of Iran and includes many scenic views and landscapes. Also, it is one of the significant natural attractions of the Alamut and Qazvin regions. The word Ovan means place of water gathering, which is an appropriate name for the lake. Ovan lake stands at nearly two thousand meters in height. The lake’s width is about seven hectares and has a depth of roughly seven meters. And its water comes from underground boiling springs.


One of the significant features, which make Ovan lake unique and beautiful, especially in autumn, is the presence of various migratory birds such as geese, ducks, and swans. Among the vegetation around Lake Ovan, we can mention species such as willow, sycamore, Tabrizi, apple, cherry, sour cherry, oleaster, hazelnut and walnut, astragalus, artichoke, and liquorice. Plants have grown in the middle of the lake and in the water, among which we can mention reed beds, khushab, and hornwort. The plants have created a suitable place for fish breeding. Some fish in this lake are Rainbow trout, Eurasian carp, and Pickerel. Also, Turtles and crabs live by the water. There are different quotes about the history of the discovery of this lake. But the most probable event is that Ovan Lake was formed about 500 years ago due to a landslide.

 Entertainment in Ovan Lake

Ovan Lake is suitable for all kinds of entertainment, including boating. In the mild seasons of the year, you can enjoy the beauty of the lake by renting pedal boats. In the past, fishing was one of the most popular hobbies in this area. But the government banned fishing because of harm to the ecosystem and irreparable damage to the aquatic creatures’ life. In addition to water sports and camping, Ovan Lake has provided the possibility of mountain climbing for those interested. Ovan lake’s proximity to the mountains and being next to the high cliffs of Khashchal make the area suitable for climbers. Also, the peaks of this region are the habitat of animals such as wild goats, Capra, fox, desert lynx, marten, and birds such as falcon, eagle, owl, partridge, and woodpecker.

The best time to visit Ovan Lake

The best time to travel to Ovan Lake is from early May to October, which has pleasant and moderate weather due to the mountainous region of the lake. At the beginning of winter, this area becomes very cold and sometimes covered with snow. However, its beautiful colourful autumn and snow-covered winter scenery are so eye-catching that it attracts photography enthusiasts to the lake. Also, in winter, the lake will freeze, and there is the possibility of ice skiing for those interested. For the trip to Ovan lake, it is better to bring food and snacks, because this area is far from the city. If you want to spend the night in nature and sleep in a tent, you should bring warm clothes, firewood, a flashlight, and first aid. Those who dislike camping and spend the night by the lake can use hotels and accommodations in Qazvin.

Among the tourist areas near Ovan lake, we can mention Alamut Castle, a historical and stunning place. Ovan lake is full of beauty and wonder, so take your travel notebook now and write its name on your travel list.

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