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Ardabil Travel Attractions

Ardabil is a destination of unique landscapes and rich wildlife. The history of Ardabil embraces incredible stories of kingdoms, religions and arts.

Ardabil, Sufi Heritage

The genius work of architecture and craftsmanship is the eye-opening highlight of the tangible cultural heritages of Ardabil. The heritage shows the artistic imperial realm under the rule of the Safavid empire. Ardabil embraces hot springs, waterfalls and natural inland sceneries. Those landscapes extend the attractions of Ardabil ecosystem options as a diverse ecotourism destination.
Feel the human being’s connection with nature to build an environment of protecting the ecosystem. People in Ardabil feed their life with keeping a traditional lifestyle in the modern era. Ardabil shows how people are responsive to nature by adapting their lifestyle with God-given beauties. The city demonstrates the Persian strength in customs & traditions, culture and architecture, which embrace an eye-catching view of well-decorated structures to feed travellers an atmosphere to breathe in fresh-air museums.

Sufi Tomb (UNESCO Heritage)

There are many buildings, where many people lie forever. But, the Sheikh Safi building is both the tomb of a mystic and the founder of a family. However, this building is one of the architectural masterpieces of its time that looks like places like Samarkand and Bukhara. The Tomb of Sheikh Safi is a masterpiece of till art. The charming tomb has brought peace to many Safavid King and ancestors, such as King Ismael I, the founder of the Safavid dynasty and [maybe] his Mother!

This breathtaking monument left around 500 years ago. It includes Ali Qapu, the large courtyard, the portico, the tomb, the shrine, and the Chinese house. Sheikh Safi mausoleum hosts tomb of Shah Ismail too. Travellers can feel the peak of magic in the decoration, interior design, and other belongings.

Ardabil Seven Spring

The several spa springs with different distances in the Sardabeh region of Ardabil are famous as Seven Springs. These springs originate from the heart of the stunning slopes of Sabalan in the upstream fields of Sardabeh spa. Due to the overgrown pastures and favourable weather, many travellers come to the place. They use the magical hot water spa springs in spring and summer.

Ardabil Nomads

Dorna nomadic eco-camp is a stone accommodation in the countryside of Malek Sooi in Meshgin Shahr of Ardabil . The buildings gained inspiration from the history and culture of the Azeri and the Shahsavan nomads. The use of pristine nature and hot mineral waters are the attractions of the accommodation. There are also nomadic pavilions and live music as the highlights of the accommodation.

There is a possibility of ordering and serving local and traditional food with mountain drinks. The resort also offers recreational activities such as horseback riding, paragliding, cycling, mountaineering and hiking. Travellers can also experience motocross, and snow skiing in winter.