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Travel to Iran with GoPersis Eco-Cultural Tours

GoPersis designs creative Iran tours to satisfy Omani sister’s and brother’s attitudes toward Persian culture and civilization. Diverse tours focusing on eco-cultural exploration extend your knowledge about Iran’s tangible & intangible heritages. Omani citizens neither miss leisure nor lose the passion for discovering nature along your trips. All our Iran tours include natural landscapes, open-air museums, galleries, palaces and gardens to feed your curiosity.

Harmonious Iran Group Tours

Omani sisters and brothers with the same passion and feeling of curiosity will enjoy our tours. GoPeriss tailors all Iran tours in accord with Omani citizens interests. Our sisters and brothers experience in Iran direct us to keep our manner of creating relaxing and well-rounded trips.

Iran Slow Tours

Persia is a country with a unique heritage that makes us have diverse cultural tours. Discovering Iran needs lifelong travel, as each city presents its unique values of exploration. Our operation team is willing to plan no rush for visiting ornaments. GoPersis tries taking the hassle of repeated stops from the itineraries and preserving the convenient atmosphere of the tours.

Tours Design

We design Iran tours in collaboration with academicians who are experts in history, archaeology and human sciences. They assist us to tailor our trips with the benefits of advanced knowledge for planning and performing tours.

We work together to create your dreamy tours

Regarding the experts’ activities in designing the tours, GoPersis designs Iran tours according to the content that the members create. Ideas come from our passengers, and the expertise work to satisfy travelers curiosity. In other words, tailoring creative Iran tours would be impossible without powerful teamwork and understanding tourists’ desires .

We choose the vendors you want to give the best Iran travel experiences

We pick hotels, boutique hotels, eco-lodges, flights, landing couches, travel routes, and guides that completely suits our tours. Those services prepare the space for Omani sisters and brothers to experience Persian life and culture in Iran.

Let’s create your own craft with an artist in our creative tours

GoPersis wants to properly define experiential trips in Iran. We need to have tours that are quite slowly with a clear difference to the quick ones in Iran. On those tours, tourists visit cities like Isfahan, Tehran, and Shiraz in a short period. Therefore, our Iran tours allow tourists to participate in handicraft and cooking, woodcarving and inlay workshops. Besides, Tourists visit the local bread baking process and the differences between villages such as Masuleh and Meymand.

In addition, tourists learn about people’s lifestyles in modern Iran and traditional settings while understanding Hafez and Saadi’s. Iran travel packages in GoPersis general atmosphere is in cultural tourism category. Tours focus on experiencing tourism to make tourists more familiar with the life details of Iranian.

GoPersis Iran Tours Types

To get more acquainted with GoPersis tours, you should consider company’s roadmap, which defines three categories:

History Tours category informs tourists about dynasties and empires that have the greatest influence on the formation of Persian culture. As a result, the first category lets tourists know about royal heritages of Persia. This type of tours elaborate details about dynasty’s performance and how it has shaped Iran and Persian culture. We show Elamite, Achaemenid, Sassanid, and Parthian’s influence on the distinct Persian culture in History Tours category. We define royal heritage tours that contains three thousand seven hundred years stories. Also, Iran Silk Road tour, the world’s most important cultural road to learn better about Iran.

In the second group, we deal with cultural details in Cultural Tours category. Cultural tours take tourists to Iranian music, architecture, literature, rural and nomadic lifestyle. Besides,  show tourists the Persian lifestyle based on local handicrafts. On this step, each of the tours immerses us in a point of art and culture of Persian culture.

In the third group, we look at the UNESCO considerations. UNESCO Tours category show 26 registered sites from Iran, 24 tangible, and two related to the industry field. The world’s first industrial town is Shushtar in Khuzestan, and the second is the Iranian railway. Also, two other Iran UNESCO Landscapes are eco-cultural, Lut Desert and the Hyrcanian Forests. We have divided the category into Iran UNESCO and Adventure Tour.  In the first tour, tangible heritages such as Persepolis and Pasargadae are visible. In the second one, we connect the Hyrcanian Forests to the Lut Desert as these heritages are eco-cultural ones. Additionally, there are other tours related to Iran UNESCO heritages too.

Our tours facilitates the interaction with locals

In terms of local communities, GoPersis provides a trip with the name of Iran Village Tour. The journey is part of the Cultural Tours category and focuses on Iran villages. In this tour, besides visiting the villages, tourists can observe rural handicrafts, stay in local accommodations, and meet rural people. For instance, we visit bread baking and local food in the cooking section. We are going to immerse the tourists in the village’s culture.

GoPersis adapted services due to the lockdown

We have adapted ourselves to the conditions of COVID-19. GoPersis is ready to provide services with adaptation to Covid-19 safety issues.