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Iran Tours

Welcome to GoPersis Iran tours, where we invite you to explore the heart of Persian culture and civilization. Our tours offer a memorable travel experience, with a balance between cultural enrichment and natural wonder. You’ll discover Iran’s diverse landscapes and the rich tangible and intangible heritages of this land. Our tours cater to your leisure and passion for nature discovery, ensuring your absolute enjoyment.

Iran Tours Introduction

GoPersis Iran Tours, where you embark on a captivating and immersive journey through the heart of Persian lifestyle. Our Iran tours offer an unparalleled exploration of the country’s rich collection of tangible and intangible heritages, providing you with a truly memorable and authentic travel experience. As you traverse the diverse and stunning landscapes of Iran, you’ll be enveloped by a sense of wonder and awe, as you discover the hidden gems of this ancient land. Our carefully planned tours are designed to cater to your every need, ensuring that you experience the perfect balance of cultural enrichment and natural wonder. Whether you are strolling through the bustling bazaars, exploring the ancient ruins, or marveling at the breathtaking scenery, you’ll be transported to a world that is both fascinating and enchanting. Come join us on this extraordinary journey and let us help you discover the treasures of Iran.

Iran Tours Destinations

As you explore the historical streets of Tehran, admire the architecture of Isfahan, wander through the eternal city of Yazd, and immerse yourself in the poetic charm of Shiraz, you will uncover the essence of Persian culture nestled in every corner.

Gopersis Iran tours take you on a seamless journey through open-air museums, art galleries, majestic palaces, and lush gardens. These experiences are crafted to quench your curiosity and leave you with lasting memories. Whether you’re an adventurer, a history buff, or someone in search of authentic experiences, our Iran tours offer a delightful fusion of diverse experiences.

At GoPersis, we proudly create exceptional tours that display Iran’s diverse heritage and immerse you in its stunning natural landscapes. Come with us, embark on a fulfilling adventure, and discover the treasures of Iran’s past and present in Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, and beyond. Experience the magic of Iran tours, where every moment becomes an eternal memory.

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Experiential Iran Tours

GoPersis’ unique approach to Iran tours centers around experiential tourism, often known as “immersion tourism” or “engagement tourism.” Chiefly, our experiential Iran tours aim to redefine your travel experience by focusing on authentic and transformative encounters. In essence, these tours go beyond traditional sightseeing, turning each journey into a personalized and enriching experience.

GoPersis Iran tours invite you to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Iran. Engage with local traditions, savor Persian cuisine, and embrace warm hospitality. Moreover, explore ancient cities and historical landmarks, gaining deeper insights into the living history of Iran.

Iran Tours & Slow Tourism

GoPersis defines slow tourism as a deliberate approach to Iran tours. For this purpose, we prioritize meaningful experiences and eliminate rushed itineraries. Accordingly, our operation team plans journeys with no rush, preserving convenience and fostering authentic travel. Slow tourism aligns with GoPersis’ goals of offering immersive and sustainable Iran tours, allowing travelers to savor every moment and create lasting memories. By eliminating the hassle of repeated stops and embracing a mindful pace, we ensure our tours provide a deeper connection to Iran’s culture, heritage, and natural beauty.

With GoPersis, you embark on Iran tours that positively impact local communities and environments. Moreover, you will explore Iran at your own pace and discover the beauty of slow tourism.

Abyaneh Village, Iran Tours Symbol Abyaneh village is a reddish village with incredible rural lifestyle.

Iran Tours & Creative Tourism

Creative Tourism is a dynamic aspect of our Iran tours. We prioritize hands-on experiences and cultural engagement. Thus, our Iran tours enable travelers to actively participate in handicraft and cooking workshops, engage in woodcarving and inlay sessions, and witness the local bread-baking process. Additionally, our tours include visits to unique villages like Masuleh and Meymand, offering travelers an understanding of modern and traditional Iranian lifestyles. Amid these in-depth encounters, tourists explore the eternal works of Hafez and Saadi, connecting with Iran’s rich literary heritage. To this end, our Iran travel packages are deeply rooted in the cultural tourism category, focusing on experiential travel to introduce tourists to the intricacies of Iranian life.

At GoPersis, we aim to not only create cherished memories but also promote cultural exchange, aligning with our commitment to sustainable travel, heritage preservation, and enriching experiences. You can discover Iran’s vibrant culture and heritage with GoPersis for an authentic and engaging journey on our Iran tours.

Iran Tours Categories

GoPersis divides all its Iran tours into five unique options; each embracing experiential and creative tourism. In essence, three of these align closely with our commitment to slow tourism. In order to gain a deeper understanding of our offerings, delve into our company’s roadmap, where these three core categories are clearly defined. Below are the defined categories.

Iran History Tours

Iran History Tours category informs tourists about the dynasties and empires that had the greatest influence on the formation of Persian culture. As a result, the first category of our Iran tours introduces tourists to the royal heritage of Persia. Accordingly, we will show the influence of the Elamite, Achaemenid, Sassanid, and Parthian empires on distinct Persian culture in the History Tours category of our Iran tours. We define these tours as royal heritage tours that contain 3,700 years of stories.

Iran Cultural Tours

Iran Cultural Tours offer an engrossing journey into the heart of Iranian music, architecture, literature, rural life, and nomadic traditions. Additionally, these tours provide a glimpse into the Persian lifestyle, showcasing local handicrafts. Each Iran tour vividly explores Persian culture, offering a deep connection to its artistic and cultural heritage. Therefore, you will embrace the melodies of Iranian music, marvel at detailed architectural wonders, and experience the charm of rural and nomadic existence. Join us and delve into the vibrant fabric of Persian culture on our Iran Cultural Tours.

UNESCO Heritage Tours

We focus on UNESCO considerations in our Iran tours in the third category. The UNESCO Tours category features 26 registered sites in Iran, comprising 24 tangible sites and two related to the industry field. Notably, Shushtar in Khuzestan is the world’s first industrial town, while the Iranian railway claims the second spot. Additionally, two other Iran UNESCO Landscapes are eco-cultural wonders: the Lut Desert and the Hyrcanian Forests. We have divided this category into Iran UNESCO and Adventure Tour. The former displays tangible heritages like Persepolis and Pasargadae, while the latter connects the Hyrcanian Forests to the Lut Desert, highlighting their eco-cultural significance. Our Iran tours offer diverse experiences related to UNESCO heritages.

Iran Tours for All Travelers

GoPersis carefully created a variety of Iran tours to offer travelers a complete experience. These tours take you on a captivating journey through some of Iran’s most renowned cities, allowing you to delve into urban Persian life. Furthermore, our itineraries are tailored for a brisk yet immersive exploration of these cultural gems. Discover the details below and embark on your ideal Iranian adventure.

Iran Express Tour

Iran Express Tour explores the richness of Iran on a 7-day tour. It starts in Tehran and ends in Shiraz, with captivating stops in Kashan and Isfahan. On the Iran Express Tour, you will begin your journey with a two-night stay in Tehran, where you’ll discover palaces and museums. Next, head to Kashan to experience Persian homes en route to Isfahan, a city celebrated for its crafts and architectural wonders, where you’ll spend another two nights. Finally, board the coach to reach Shiraz, the heartland of Persian culture, for a two-night stay. The tour map is also available here.

Iran Classic Tour

Iran Classic Tour offers a 9-day journey through Iran’s heritage. Starting in Tehran and ending in Yazd, explore Kashan, Isfahan, and Shiraz with two-night stays. In Iran Classic Tour you will experience both modern and ancient Persian capitals, uncovering their cultural treasures. You will engage in handicrafts and culinary workshops, enriching your Persian adventure. The tour map is also available here.

Iran Highlights Tour

Iran Highlight Tour explores five major cities of Iran on an 11-day journey, beginning in Tehran and ending in Kerman, with captivating stops in Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd. In Iran Highlights Tour you will see palaces in Tehran, then visit Kashan to experience Persian houses en route to Isfahan. Proceed to Shiraz, a bastion of Persian culture, before reaching the desert cities of Yazd and Kerman. The tour map is also available here.

Women Only Tour

Women Only Tour, fitting for all travelers, emphasizes our commitment to promoting women’s rights in Iran. We aim to highlight the influential role of women in shaping Persian culture, both historically and in the contemporary era. In Women Only Tour, you will explore the houses, mansions, and palaces dedicated to queens and designed by women. Appreciate the captivating artistry of women in Persian handicrafts and cuisine. Furthermore, souvenirs like Persian carpets and crafts provide lasting memories of Iranian women. The tour begins in Tehran and concludes in Isfahan in 14 days. For detailed information, the tour map is also available here.

Private Iran Tours

Private tours are a valuable addition to GoPersis tour offerings. Our goal is to immerse you in Persian culture and civilization. Whether you browse our preset tours or craft your own private tour, you will have an experience that matches your interest. In our private tour, you will experience Persia’s soul and lifestyle on a dedicated journey, embracing the Iranian slow-paced way of life. GoPersis invites you to explore civilization cradles through our historical offerings.

Iran Group Tours

GoPersis categorizes Group Tours as those comprising over five individuals who share a common passion and curiosity. In essence, we custom-tailor all our Iran tours to align with tourists’ unique interests and preferences. This approach effectively ensures an enriching and satisfying experience for every traveler.

Iran Solo Tours

For those who prefer solo travel, Gopersis provides tailored solo tours, offering the same amenities and locations as our group tours. Embark on a transformative solo journey through our Iran tours and savor a life-changing experience.

Iran Individual Tours

Our individual tours accommodate two to three people, ideal for couples or small groups of friends. Moreover, you can relish the same amenities and visit the identical locations as our larger group tours.

Iran FIT Tours

GoPersis excels in designing FIT (Flexible Independent Travelers) tours for groups of three to four, with a primary focus on creativity and engagement. Furthermore, we empower travelers to shape their own journeys, where you become the artist, and our tours serve as the canvas.

Iran Tour Design

We collaborate with expert academicians in history, archaeology, and human sciences to craft our Iran tours. Their advanced knowledge enhances our trip planning. As mentioned earlier, our approach is to create creative, experiential, and slow tours. In addition, GoPersis encourages visitors to share their ideas with our team.

Accommodations and Facilities

Gopersis is dedicated to delivering the finest accommodations and amenities in Iran. Our commitment to flexibility means we can cater to a wide range of preferences and needs. Accordingly, we take pride in accommodating diverse amenities available in Iran, always striving to exceed the expectations and desires of our valued visitors.

Covid Precautions

Amid the challenges posed by COVID-19, GoPersis has carefully adapted to ensure safety and provide services in compliance with COVID-19 precautions.

Embracing Life’s Essence Through Iran

We firmly believe that embarking on a journey to Iran is a life-changing experience. In the words of Pico Iyer, as expressed in his famous essay, “Why We Travel,” “If a diploma can famously be a passport (to a journey through hard realism), a passport can be a diploma (for a crash course in cultural relativism).” Therefore, your journey goes beyond mere passport stamps; it is a portal to a realm filled with wonders and enigmas, one that reshapes your perspective through the lens of history, Persian culture, literature, and art. This experience grants you a unique sense of time—a stark reminder of our insignificance amidst human civilization.

It brings to mind a scene from Jim Jarmusch’s film “Only Lovers Left Alive,” where a couple living in an exotic land engages in a soul-stirring conversation. Eva, one of the characters, poses a profound question: “How can you have lived for so long and still not get it? This self-obsession is a waste of living. It could be spent on surviving things, appreciating nature, nurturing kindness, and friendship, and dancing.” At that moment, she sets a record and begins to dance. This contemplation of life’s purpose, or rather the journey to find it, is akin to the dance that Eva starts. Sometimes, the answer can be as simple as that.

Seize the Time

To fully embrace the limited time we have, we must step out of our comfort zones and venture to foreign, exotic lands. Here, you may witness the extraordinary—a pomegranate tree covered with snow in the heart of a desert. You’ll immerse yourself in the enduring architecture of centuries past, and the rise and fall of empires spanning millennia. Along this remarkable journey, perhaps you’ll discover facets of yourself previously unknown. Perhaps, as you encounter new faces, you’ll even find that you’re drawn to them more than your reflection, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to share a warm smile.