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Cultural Tours

Travel to Iran Cultural Heritage

Touch Persian food, architecture and handicrafts to satisfy your curiosity about Iran’s cultural heritage. Travel to cultural novelties which directly shaped the Iranian lifestyle.

Travel to Iran cultural heritage to discover Persia through tours which display 3500 years of tangible and intangible culture. Discover Persian heritage in urban characteristics, culinary art, handicrafts, traditional textures, literature and music. Iran cultural heritage embraces nomadic and rural lifestyles of Kurdish, Azeri, Gilaki, Baloch and Lur tribes. Create your crafts by having hands-off instructions from artists in creative tours. Travel to Iran to learn new skills to have a life-long passion and a powerful memory of Persia.

Imam Reza Shrine, Mashhad travel attraction

Mashhad, Iran Heart of Spirituality and Literature

Mashhad shines as the capital of spirituality on the Iran Silk Road as a reason Imam Reza’s holy shrine. Iran poets’ territory is the motherland of Persian literature by embracing Ferdowsi, Omar Khayyam and Attar. Travel to Mashhad to visit the largest turquoise mines. Also, the city produces more than 90 per cent of the Saffron in the globe. Besides, Mashhad is the birthplace of the Afsharid Dynasty, which Nader Shah established approximately 350 years ago.

Kurdistan Music (Folkloric Art), Persian music, Kurdistan travel attraction, UNESCO heritage

Kurdistan, Kurdish Tribes & Rural Heritage

Kurdistan province is a mountainous region full of rivers, waterfalls and glaciers. Sanandaj, capital of Kurdistan province is famous as the peak of Iran. Kurdish tribes, nomads and people are the most citizens of the present district of Kurdistan in the west of Iran. As well, Kurdistan is the homeland of Aryans who migrated to the central plateau of Persia.

Sangesar Nomads

Semnan, Iran Silk Road Cultural Heritage

Travel to Semnan to visit the longest path on Iran Silk Road. Semnan’s history dates back to the Median era with extraordinary natural landscapes. Experience Iran’s four-season travel destination to touch the unique cultural heritage and lifestyle close to the heart of Dasht-e Kavir. As well, Semnan connects the north, south, east and west of Persia alongside the Alborz mountain range.

Fahadan area, Yazd travel attraction

Yazd, Persian Architecture Heritage

Yazd is a city which displays human adaptation to nature through its unique architecture. Travel to Yazd to touch astonishing structures such as wind-catchers, baths, mosques and houses with simple materials. Yazd preserves life through unbelievable Persian architecture in the Dasht-e Lut. Also, Yazd qanat construction ancient engineering conveys water from natural sources to quench people’s and farm thirsts.

Baghali ghatogh

Gilan,  Iran Persian Food Art City

Gilan is a food travel destination because of Persian culinary art. The Caspian sea at the side of the Alborz mountain range surrounds Gilan. Gilan is a region with cultural diversities among Gilak, Rashti, Taleshi and Azerbaijani residents. Touching Gilan is close to Hyrcanian forests as a World Heritage Site that takes travellers to 35-40 million years ago. Gilan is the homeland of rich social forms such as language, gastronomy, music, clothes and rural lifestyle.

Bakhtiari Tribe, Luristan travel attraction, Iran Silk Road

Luristan, Nomadic Cultures in Picturesque Landscapes

Luristan province fascinates travellers with picturesque views of Lakes and waterfalls alongside the Zagros mountain range. Travel to Luristan to watch the breathtaking panorama of natural landscapes such as fertile valleys. Luristan embraces walnut almonds and wild fruits gardens, hills and mountains such as the Oshtoran Kuh region. Our citizens are the original Aryans who migrated to Zagros chains. Medes conquered the Lurs region, and then Persians gained control of their territory. Lurs integrated with Achaemenid, Parthian and Sassanid well in terms of beating.

Iran UNESCO Heritage

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