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Ardeshir I

Ardeshir I the Achaemenid, son of Khashayar Shah established comfort and well-being as a judge and a benefactor of Persia.
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Introduction to Ardeshir  I

Ardeshir I the Achaemenid, son of Khashayar Shah and Amestris, the daughter of Otanes who as the Greeks wrote, was one of the descendants of seven Achaemenid families. He was the third of five sons in the family and was the only son of this family who became the king after the death of his father, and rolled the kingdom for 41 years. All his efforts were to establish comfort and well-being for the people, as he was known as a judge and a benefactor of the people.

Ardeshir I was mentioned as Arte-Khashtare in the ancient Persia, because his right hand was longer than the other one, as he was called as Long-Hand by the ancient Greek writers. Dynon was the first person who gave him this title. Also, Plotak has mentioned that he, (Ardeshir I) excels in greatness among the Achaemenid kings.

In the first years of his reign, Ardeshir undertook a series of fundamental changes in the court and government. He removed many rulers and replaced them with his trusted people, even when his brother Vishtasb revolted against him with the help of the people of the West, Ardeshir instigated/ suppressed his brother’s revolt.

Another event during the reign of Ardeshir I was the Egyptian movement. Inarus, the prince of Libya, gathered the Egyptians who were dissatisfied with the rule of the Achaemenids (brother of Xerxes) of Egypt and called himself Pharaoh. In this revolt, in which the Greeks decided to humiliate Persia, they helped Inarus and sent about 200 ships to his aid. Ardeshir finally defeated and captured Inarus in 454 BC at a heavy cost and in a difficult battle. The suppression of this revolt, which was accompanied by the defeat of the Greek army by Persian soldiers, showed the power and authority of Ardeshir and the Persian Empire to the world much more than before. Herodotus, who was in Egypt at the same time, had seen the satisfaction of the Egyptian people from Ardeshir. Also, some islands of the Aegean Sea, as well as Cyprus, suffered from unrest during his time, which was destroyed by the clever and clever actions of Ardeshir and his assistants.

In the time of Ardeshir I around 441 BC, the imperial calendar was revised and the months of the year were named after the gods, which have survived to this day.

Ardeshir I was so kind to the defeated nations, specially the Jews. In the time of Ardeshir I, the Jewish people were a significant minority in Babylon. The freedom and respect given to them, the gifts donated, and the prosperity that took place in their area are examples of Ardeshir’s greatness to the Jewish people, named after Ardeshir I after Cyrus in Jewish history.

Finally, Ardeshir I passed away in 424 BC and after his death, his brother, Khashayar Shah II, became the king only for 45 days.

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