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Baklava, Shows Azeri Cuisine in Tabriz

Baklava is a type of Turkish pastry known as one of the most famous and delicious sweets in the world and has varieties.
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Introduction and History of Baklava

Baklava is a type of Turkish pastry known as one of the most famous and delicious sweets in the world and has varieties. Tabriz city, which contains various sweets and souvenirs, has the oldest type of baklava due to its proximity to Turkey. In other words, baklava is a popular sweet among Iranians and Turks, which is named in many languages ​​with minor phonetic and pronunciation changes. According to some historical narratives, the first baklava that had its present form was prepared in the kitchen of Topkapi Palace in Turkey. It seems that the Ottoman kings had the custom of erecting a ceremony on the 15th day of Ramadan called Alai Baklava.

Also, some documented reports show one of the oldest recipes for baking baklava dates to two centuries before Christ, during the ancient Roman era, when they prepared a type of dessert with layers of dough and then dipped it into honey. Many sweets and foods between these two countries have many common roots. The sweet first came to Persia from Central Asian countries and then became one of the beloved sweets of Tabriz, served in all cafes and restaurants as a dessert or sweet with tea and coffee. Also, baklava from Tabriz has entered other Iranian cities such as Qazvin and Yazd, which is very tasty, nutritious, and energizing.

All Kinds of Baklava

In Iran, we prepare baklava in different shapes such as rhombus, square, tube, and various flavours like pistachio, almond, and coconut. In Tabriz, it is available in different types as below:

1. Azeri walnut baklava whose delicious taste you will never forget.

2.Reshteh Khatai or Kadayif Baklava.

3.Istanbul baklava, one of the most famous baklavas in Tabriz, is like the Turkish version.

The common feature of the tasty sweet is that it has high nutritional value due to almonds, pistachios, and walnuts, and its combination with Iranian tea is excellent.

The Recipe for this Delicious Dessert

To begin the work, we turn on the oven at a temperature of 170 degrees Celsius to heat it. Then the cooking of Tabrizi baklava is started by stacking four layers of dough on top of each other. Then we pour walnut powder, pistachios, cardamom, etc., between the layers and continue until the last. You can cut the pastry into square or rhombus shapes. Then, put it in the oven until turns golden, and in the meantime, prepare the nectar. One of the most significant parts of Tabrizi baklava is nectar, a combination of cardamom, rose water, and lemon juice, which we pour over baklava. In the end, decorate  with coconut or pistachio powder, and do not put it in a closed container until it cools down.

The Features and Benefits of Baklava

The traditional sweet, prepared with various nuts such as walnuts and pistachios, contains nutrients such as iron, calcium, and vitamin E. And despite its high calories, it tempts anyone to eat it, even if it is a small piece.  Pistachio nuts are a rich source of iron and calcium, which help strengthen memory, heart, and stomach, and are proper food for a vegetarian diet. Almonds are good for health due to having unsaturated fats and protein and is also rich in vitamin E.

Rose water is a strong sedative for the nerves and is beneficial for bolstering the stomach, heart, and liver. Cardamom helps strengthen heart function and reduce cholesterol levels. Also, we use ingredients such as milk and eggs in making baklava dough, which is a rich source of protein. Milk is also rich in calcium and has a substantial effect on prevention. You should know that this dessert is high in sugar and calories, so you should not overdo it since it would harm your health.

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