Firehouse Tower Represents Innovation

Firehouse Tower shows modern initiative in Tabriz in urban developments since Qajar era that weatern influence started in Iran.

Introduction to Firehouse Tower

Firehouse Tower Shows Tabriz Modern Era Development. Hundreds of years are passed from building the first fire stations in Persia. Stations with different forms and shapes in all cities around the country. And Tabriz, the city of every first modern monument in this country, hosts the first Firehouse Tower; The most equipped fire building in its time which could be created, during the transition from tradition to 20th-century modernity.

History of  Firehouse Tower

Firehouse Tower shows modern initiative in Tabriz in urban developments since Qajar era that weatern influence started in Iran. About 100 years ago, during the Qajar period, the Yanqin Tower (fire department) with a height of 23 meters was built for surveillance in the city center. During those years, Tabriz was a large city-garden, and houses were built at the same level and height in private gardens. At that time, the Yanqin Tower was visible from all parts of the city. This structure was built by the Tsarist Russian agents. they set up firefighting facilities, consisting of several two-way hand pumps to pump water to protect their interests in Tabriz; Equipment which was used only to reduce fires, which may be the name of the fire department.

Now let’s find out the reason why this construction is known as Yanqin Tower. The word Yanqin, in the Azeri language, means fire and burning. When there were no telecommunication systems, accidents would be reported in the fastest way. That made countries, such as France, to emulate this tower. By installing a large lamp on the top, it turned into a lighthouse so people could find their way in the dark. Also, travelers, could distinguish the city from the detours through it and go to their desired location.

Architecture of the Tabriz Fire Fighting Tower

Despite its simple decoration, this brick, circular monument, including its extraordinary architecture, indicates its hundred years of life. The spiral staircases connect the octagon from the top of the tower to the porch. These pillars and polygonal ceilings were considered for observatories in the past. To be informed of the fire in the city and to inform the officers, they had to go up the tower and if they saw smoke, they had to sound the alarm. The officers would fill their barrels with the water in the tank and boarded a cart to the scene.

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