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Garmeh Village Shows Heaven in Desert

East of Isfahan province, somewhere among the sand dunes of the Mesr Desert, Garmeh Village, i surrounded with a green fence.
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Garmeh Village Introduction

North of the central plateau of Persia; East of Isfahan province, somewhere among the sand dunes of the Mesr Desert, Garmeh Village, is placed, surrounded with a green fence. An ancient village of Khour and Biabanak lands, which takes you to the heart of history, to walk in one of the stories of Scheherazade and learn about the narrations of this village.

Walk Through the History

3rd century AD, Silk Road, the central plateau of Persia; Imagine yourself in a desert, where the sound of the bells of your caravan breaks the silence of the wide blue yonder, which for the calmness of the night, explodes next to a tree.

The morning after, you crawl out of the tent, you pass through the palm trees and for a moment, the breath is trapped in the chest; You find a hamlet, with golden structure, surrounded by a green fence of tall, stout southern pal trees, next to the special delicate apricot trees of this region. As your eyes follow the scattered trees, the red hill beyond seems so dazzling, wondering with yourself, there will come a day when inhabitants of this land will find the secret inward the redness of this massive hill.

Garmeh Village Architecture

Crossing through natural fence, soon you will get to the entrance of the village of Garmeh; A magnificent village created in the heart of the desert, with the stunning rural architecture, unique to the area at the time; Narrow and winding alleys and a wonderful enormous castle, which with four rows of windows looks like the opal jewel of this village.

The greatness of this castle will take you deep into the Thousand and One Nights of Scheherazade; Riding on the magic carpet, you pass over the Sinbad caravan, and cross through inside the Kopal Palace, and again you land in the same winding and crowded alleys full of marquee.

Garmeh Village Springs

Passing through the alleys, you will come across a mineral spring, which has been beating the pulse of Garmeh village for thousands of years and brought life to its paths. The therapeutic properties of its water attract people from everywhere.

At the sunset, at the moment when the sun is hidden from view like a burning ball in the abyss of the intersection of heaven and earth, returning back to the caravan, somewhere far from the grove, you see herds of camels grazing on the opposite hills, as if worshiping beauties.

Perhaps the only time you cannot see the village of Garmeh is around August; When feverish dates, on the tree branches on the hottest days of the year, are ripe enough to be picked.

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