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Gorgan Travel Attractions

Gorgan lies alongside mountainous and forested slopes of Alborz mountain range. Hyrcanian Forests, wildlife, vegetation and historical ornaments are the highlights of Gorgan.

Gorgan, Heritage of Hyrcanian Forest and the Great Wall

Gorgan Fresh-air heritage of Hyrcanian Forests embraces green natural glories in a unique God-given ecosystem. Golestan province also provides travellers with a peculiar ambience from million years ago to the present. Gorgan amazes visitors by identifying culture and lifestyle. Golestan ecosystems with different types of properties represent remarkable pictures of natural inland sceneries in Hyrcanian Forests.

The ecosystem hugely describes most environmental features of Hyrcanian ecological values and extravagant environmental conditions close to the Caspian Sea. Gorgan is also home to tangible and intangible heritage and ancient history since 5000 years ago. Gonbad Kavus, a historical city in Golestan embraces the Gonbad Kavus tower as a UNESCO heritage.

Gorgan Fresh-air Museum (UNESCO Heritage)

Hyrcanian Forests from the southwest part of the Caspian Sea to the east are famous as Golestan National Park in Gorgan. The Forests demonstrates an ecoregion of broad-leaved forests alongside the Alborz mountain range with a history of millions of years.

The green atmosphere of Hyrcanian forests properties allows us to feel wildlife and exceptional ecoregion. Peculiar ecosystem oh Hyrcanian Forests exist for millions of years. Broad-leaved trees, wild animals and the evolutionary history are the heritage of the forests. Continuous forest belt support us to take a long expedition alongside the Greenlands of Hyrcanian Forests.

Highest Tower of the Silk Road (UNESCO Heritage)

The Qaboos Dome Tower was the only one that remains as the city’s only historical monument. It represents the history of city with all the narratives. Gonbad Kavus (Qaboos) tower is also famous as the “Mill of the Dome“. It generally refers to as a building with a simple appearance and no decorations.

The tower itself is in the shape of a ten-sided building. On each side, there is a prominence that makes it very spectacular. Gonbad Kavus (Qaboos) tower is the tallest brick tower by a height of 72 meters in the world. Gonbad Kavus (Qaboos) tower was a sign of urban fabric for caravans in ancient Iran. People used to light a fire at its top to guide travellers who would pass through the Silk Road.

Gorgan Handicrafts

Silk, jajim, kilim, palas weaving (knotted and unadorned carpet), also Turkmen carpets are Persian handicrafts that Marco Polo praised. These Goegan handicrafts such as felt embroidery, Turkmen ornaments, needlework and embroidered leather shine in Golestan province.

Green Waterfall

Kaboudwal waterfall, the tallest moss waterfall in Iran, is one of the Golestan province’s natural sights. Such a spectacular waterfall with its unique attraction is in the heart of Hyrcanian forests and mountain paths. Kaboudwal Falls consists of water in a halo of bright green light. It embraces lights that reflect the glow of green moss on the waterfall’s rocks.