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Haidarzadeh House Shows Persian Architecture

Haidarzadeh House has been placed in the Maghsoodiyeh district in the southern part of Tabriz as a historic symbol of the city.
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Introduction to Haidarzadeh House

Haidarzadeh House is one of the most delightful ones which attracts attention in Tabriz. The exact date of construction of this magnificent building is not known, but cultural heritage experts believe that the house is 130 years old based on field studies. The city of Tabriz is full of old houses, each of which is reminiscent of the Qajar period its architecture. In the following, we will give a complete introduction of this old house

History of Haidarzadeh House

Haidarzadeh’s house was known as Haj Qoli Khan Sartip’s house on the map of Dar al-Saltanah in Tabriz, and the last owner of this building was a well-known Tabriz carpet merchant named Heidarzadeh during the Qajar period. That is the reason for calling this house as Haidarzadeh. The architect of this monument was Haj Habib Lak. The house was renovated in 2001 by the Cultural Heritage Organization.

Architecture of Heidarzadeh House

Heidarzadeh house with an area of ​​900 square meters is a two-story building, the structure of which is located between the inner and outer courtyard. The incredible architecture with delightful porches makes you fall in love with the building at first glance. In this house, the design of the windows is something that dazzles the eyes. They are carved delicately, and the stained glasses add to their charm. The pillars on the outer and inner parts have kept the house strong for many years. One of the unique features of Heidarzadeh’s House is the lattice and colored sash. It took them two years to be rebuilt.

Heidarzadeh House, like most Qajar houses, includes a basement with a basin and a fountain, which is decorated with colorful bricks and arches. A hall connects other parts of the house. The unique dazzling section of this house is the royal room.

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