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Kerman Travel Attractions

Kerman as a historical archive and UNESCO landscape heritage of attract eco-cultural tourists. The cultural heritage includes mosques, bath, bazaar and school as Kerman travel attractions.

Kerman, Gateway to Dasht-e Lut

Discovering the beauty of stars and sands relieves visitors of the calmness of oases in the serenity of Lut deserts. Lut desert embraces kaluts, sand-hills and camel-riding experiences, where travellers touch the sky and wander over lands. Experiencing mud-brick UNESCO World Heritage in the scale of a castle such as Rayen and Bam.

Visit a complex such as Ganjali Khan that depicts the distinctive structure of urbanism in Kerman. Touch Lut Desert, an iconic landscape with incredible landforms and sand-sea to have an unforgettable memory of deserts. Enjoy identifying lifestyle in desertic areas in terms of adaptation to the wild nature of dried lands. Taste distinctive sweets and cookies to freshen your appetite.

The World Hottest Desert (UNESCO Heritage)

The golden sand of the desert shines under the sunlight in the Lut desert. The Lut is one of the two natural Iran UNESCO landscapes. Lut covers a large part of Kerman province and is one of the extraordinary Kerman travel attractions. Lut Desert is one of the most delightful and stunning Iran travel highlights. It creates an incredible and unrepeatable experience of travelling to the nature of Iran.

Perhaps the desert is one of those rare, hard-to-reach places for being alone with yourself. Lut’s calm atmosphere takes travellers kilometres far from the city crowd. The desert lies under the moon, deep in the jungle of stars on the bright milky way. Lut is the hottest place on earth (Gandom Beryan). The desert sound of the wind and its cool nights in the middle of summer attracts all tourists.

Kerman Handicrafts

Sewing is one of the arts that embody customs, lifestyle, and culture. Visitors feel the artist’s world by looking at the designs on the fabric. Pete is a touch of softness and tenderness of Persian art in the corners of Kermani houses. The art of Pete manifests a frame of paradise and feels like keeping a piece of heaven at home. Pete is a handicraft of Kerman province that shows the art of creating patterns out of goat wool. The most popular Pate is on the grave of Shah Nematullah Vali.

Garden in the Heart of Kerman Desert (UNESCO Heritage)

Nothing could be more enjoyable than strolling in the shade of trees and feeling the cool breeze in Lut desert. Green atmosphere comes from the pool of Prince Mahan Garden. The small fountains sounds plays in visitors ears, making peace in your soul in the heart of the desert.

The picturesque and glorious Shazdeh Mahan Garden is on the historical Silk Road from Bam to Kerman. Travellers realize the value of Persian architecture when feel the in the middle Lut desert.

Kerman Ancient City (UNESCO Heritage)

Bam Citadel is a heritage to narrate the history of Iran. A citadel left from the heart of the stories of the ancient time of Eastern Persia. Bam embraces stories from over 6000 years of living in the world’s largest brick and mud defence fortress. Bam Citadel hides among the tall palm trees of Bam city of Kerman.

Buildings have a strange structures like boxes of secrets, the architect entrusts everything in Bam ring environment. Walking in Bam buildings can throw us into a corner of the past like a time machine.

Kerman European-Persian style Garden

The Fathabad Garden of Kerman dates back to the Qajar period. The construction of the garden began during the reign of Mohammad Shah Qajar. 

The architecture of the garden includes a European-Persian styleFathabad Garden embraces a large pond that causes a very enchanting reflection of the main mansion on its water.

There is a main two-story building at the northern end of the garden. The structure embraces arches on both sides with raw clay materials, mud mortar and plasterwork. Inside the building, there are eye-catching plasters, which are the artistic work of skilled masters.

Kerman Ancient Village (UNESCO Heritage)

Civilization is a substance which has found meaning in cities at the heart of small gatherings. It has become a platform for the richness and growth of urban culture.

Meymand Mount Village is a country where human life is still alive from ancient times. The village is among the fence of mountains and deep in the heart of the desert. Meymand Mount Village is in the southeast of Kerman province, a unique and unmatched residence. Best way to discover the ancient lifestyle of humans in a better way.

Kermani Food

You may taste various cuisines in different parts of Iran, each presenting a specific style. Boz Ghormeh is a yummy food in Kerman province, rich in protein due to its chickpea, whey, and meat. Kermani people serve Boz Ghormeh with rice as a main meal or as an appetizer with bread and vegetables. Boz Ghormeh refers to goat meat as it is the main ingredient of the food. Boz means a goat, and Ghormeh means food having tiny portions of meat in Persian.

Iran Tasty Souvenir

Iran is home to a variety of animal and plant species. One plant species is pistachio, the fruit of which is the existing item of new year’s nuts. This shrub grows in the desert region of Kerman.
Its fruit is a green drop into a hard shell that opens its mouth at the right time. Pistachio gives a delicious and memorable taste of this golden land.