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Laleh Park

Laleh Park is one of the greenest and largest parks in the central areas of the great city of Tehran built by order of Farah Pahlavi.
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Introduction in Laleh Park

The parks and gardens of Tehran have different ages, sizes, and beauty. Laleh Park is one of the greenest and largest parks in the central areas of the great city of Tehran.

In 1966, Farah Pahlavi wrote a letter calling for a park with a significant design in Tehran. At the request of Farah Pahlavi, urban space designers presented their opinions and plans for the construction of Laleh Park. In the meantime, the idea of ​​Mr. Joufe, a French designer, was chosen in collaboration with other Iranian designers.

The vast Laleh Park was initially the site of an army march. After the park was established, it was called Farah Park. The park was a gathering place for people from the Left for a time since the two streets that passed by it, called Kargar (Worker) and Keshavarz (farmer), had intersected at an intersection called Sickle and Hammer due to its appearance. For a while, the park itself was renamed Khosrow Golsorkhi park after the fall of the monarchy, and later, it was named Laleh Park in memory of the martyrs of the war and revolution.

Laleh Park

The Architecture of Laleh Park

Laleh Park is known to have been built by copying New York Central Park, in the heart of the Manhattan Business District and the former WTO Twin Towers. Following the example of the park, Laleh Park was built in such a way that the northern part is located next to the tall building of Laleh Hotel and shopping malls and towers north of Kargar Street.

Many people in Tehran know Laleh Park with the Japanese garden. The Japanese Garden is a section located in the southeast of Laleh Park, designed and built in the style of Japanese parks on 2.5-hectare land. The importance and beauty of the garden area are due to the construction of spiral streams and the unique plant species. One of the attractions of Laleh Park is the row of cypress trees, which are located in the eastern part of the park.

Laleh _Park


Cultural and artistic works inside Laleh Park

The placement of stunning and attractive sculptures was not far from the eyes of the builders of Laleh Park. The statue of Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, while holding the solar system and watching the movement of the planets, is one of the most famous sculptures in Tehran. But the most famous is the masterpiece statue of Omar Khayyam by the great Iranian sculptor Abolhassan Sedighi. The precious statue is located in a rose garden among lush trees. The sculpture was made in Italy in 1971 A.D, and after returning to Iran, it was repeatedly reconstructed and restored by Fereydoon Sedighi, the creator’s son.

The first specialized library for children and adolescents was built in Laleh Park. And the eastern part was given to the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, which also has a puppet theatre performance centre inside the park.

Abu Rayhan al-Biruni

Attractions near Laleh Park

On the northwest side, below the Carpet Museum, is one of the most important attractions of Laleh Park, the Handicraft Market. An exciting bazaar with stalls like this, ranging from flowers and pottery and wooden handicrafts to tailoring and stalls selling clothes, carpets, rugs, and other handicrafts. There are also stalls where you can find delicious food most of the year.

Below the bazaar, the Museum of Contemporary Art has located. The museum building itself, which is inspired by the windmills of the desert regions of Iran, is so attractive that it can be treated as a separate sight and is one of the greatest treasures of modern painting in the world.

Handicraft Market

The significant hotel located north of the Laleh Park

Laleh Hotel is one of the most important hotels in the metropolis of Tehran due to its proximity to the Laleh Park, the University of Tehran, the neighbourhood with two important museums, and the attraction to tourists, which plays an influential impact on Iran’s economy and tourism sector.

Laleh Hotel was constructed in 1946 A.D and twenty years before the establishment of Laleh Park. The hotel was part of the Intercontinental Group and was built by Pan American International Airlines. After the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the Tehran branch bought the stake in the Intercontinental Hotels Company, and has since become known as the Laleh International Hotel. The hotel is important because it is located north of Laleh Park.

Laleh Hotel

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