The most significant feature of the Mazichal forest is the existence of an individual plant species of the region, called oak trees. In spring, beautiful flowers bloom in the area and during the autumn colourful scene appears in front of your eyes


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Mazandaran, Caspian Sea Heritage

Mazandaran, Persia

Mazandaran is a natural heritage with hundreds of tribes and diverse languages living across the Caspian Sea and in the heart of Hyrcanian Forests.

Mazandaran is a province with a unique location and nature, where many tourists travel to see the phenomenon of ocean clouds, starry skies, a broad view of the forest and plains, and camping in the highlands.

In the middle of the famous Firoozkooh road, before reaching Ghaemshahr, there is an area called Savad Kooh, where it welcomes picturesque landscapes and pristine nature. Take a train to the depths of the forest, the different experience of watching sceneries, forests, wildlife and colours.

Savad Kuh

In Abbas Abad Road watch the marvellous nature with the sound of birds to make a delightful memories of your trip to the west of Mazandaran.

Abbas Abad Road

Damavand is the highest peak in Persia which is the symbol of patience, strength and Immortality with extraordinary landscapes and amazing valleys and springs.


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Mazandaran, Nature Heritage

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