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Mellat Park

Mellat park is a quiet, cosy, and large park embracing old trees as a defence against the pollution and foss of Tehran.
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Introduction in Mellat Park

Valiasr Street does not end with the colourful bazaar and the tall sycamore trees. Just put on your comfortable shoes, and walk from the beginning to the end of the street, which is full of memories and magnificence, and found that one of the best memories is the surrounding parks, which have become the identity of the tallest street in the Middle East over decades.

If you are tired, you can relax in quiet, cosy, and large parks in the middle of the road. Mellat Park, with its old trees that are a defence against the pollution and crowds of the city and have formed it, is one of the best parks in terms of age and size and is reminiscent of the good memories.

The park was built by order of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in ​​the 1960s A.D, and the original plan was given by his wife, Farah Pahlavi, so they called the park Imperial at that time. The architect of Mellat Park is Professor Iraj Etesam. He designed the place inspired by English parks known for their irregular spaces and Poulsen architecture.

Mellat Park

The Mellat Park atmosphere from the past to the present

The large and picturesque park was built on the former Pahlavi Street when there were not many cars, crowds, and houses. The park was a promenade in the north of Tehran where people came for weekends.

You have the opportunity to do anything in the park! Mellat Park, like a lovely and caring grandmother, has a means of entertainment for every taste and generation. In times of desolation, happiness, for sports, entertainment or family gathering, cycling, relaxing or even busy playing, visit the place, may not enter the park and leave it out of boredom.

If you plan to walk on Valiasr Street near Mellat Park, you will always see sculptures that change based on special events. For example, during the Nowruz holidays, you can see statues in the form of coloured eggs on the Haft-Seen Table next to the attractive park, or during the World Cup and the spread of football fever, sculptures in the shape of soccer balls were placed in the area. These sculptures are made creatively.

Mellat Park atmosphere

The atmosphere of Mellat Park is poetic in itself. If you walk a little in the park, you will notice an exquisite fountain with steps, on top of each, stands a gorgeous statue of Persian stars. We can mention Saadi, Shahriyar, Ferdowsi, and Nima Yooshij, among the celebrities. If you have a little poetic taste, you know them and have read at least one of the poems of these artists.


Unique sculptures in Mellat Park

Iranian artists are perfect in every field, and the art of sculpture is no exception. There are many post-mortem sculptures inside Mellat Park, all of which are born from the depths of the Iranian sculptor’s thinking and imagination. But in the meantime, there are two classic and meaningful sculptures in the park.

The first statue is the Mother Statue, which is used to celebrate the position of mothers in most cities of the world, but the feeling of the statue in the heart of the park is something else.

Mother Statue

The second most famous statue in Mellat Park is the statue of Amir Kabir, one of the most influential Qajar prime ministers. In addition to the artistic carving of the sculpture, its location is very clever. The statue of the nobleman has been placed so high that it seems as if he is still watching and worrying about the situation and livelihood of people, a place deserves and will be worthy of a great person like Amir Kabir.

Amir Kabir

The Zoo and Lake of Mellat Park

If you are interested in seeing various animals or want to introduce your child to the animal world, the park has provided the opportunity for you. There are gorgeous birds such as peacocks and lovebirds, eagles, and vultures inside the small zoo. Spectacular animals such as deer, gazelles, monkeys, rabbits, pelicans, and turtles also live in the park.

Mellat park’s lake can perhaps be considered the clear heart of the park, a heart full of history and staying away from friends, which looks up at the sky, misses the children who once played with a plastic ball by the lake, and now there is no news about them. In every season, the appearance of the lake changes, and every day has a unique beauty. Winter is the saddest season for the lake, and the most poetic season to visit the lake can be considered autumn. Crossing the metal bridge over the lake is very enjoyable.

Mellat Park

Mellat Park Historic Smoky Train

Other historical part of Mellat Park include the smoky train. During the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar in 1882 A.D, a Belgian company in Iran opened urban thermal lines. Because of the smoke coming out of the tram chimney, people called it a smoky train and a smoky car, and for a long time, they were not happy with that.

As soon as the train started moving, children were greeted with rubble. The reluctance to accept the smoky train and the people’s hidden fear caused Nasser al-Din Shah, with his courtiers and bodyguards, to board the train and walk around the city to gain their trust. Eventually, the people’s curiosity and belief in the Shah (king) reconciled them with the smoky train, and the trains continued to operate until 1962 A.D.

Of the six smoky cars that entered Iran, three remain to the day, one of which is located in Mellat Park. The train is currently on the south side of Mellat Park, riding on rails, inviting visitors to watch.

Smoky Train



Sports and recreation in Mellat Park

The Mellat park can be considered a symbol of a health park, where you can see many young and aged people engaged in sports, exercise, and improving their quality of life. Exercising, walking and doing any fun will make any visitor very hungry! There are so many small cafes and fast foods outlets along Mellat Park Lake that you can eat and make up for whatever you burn in sports! In addition, you can leave the park and visit the colourful restaurants and cafes located along Valiasr Street!

Sports and recreation in Mellat Park

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