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Mohamad Shirkavand

Co-Founder & Chairman

Supporting my academic background by achieving the Doctor of Business Administration degree directed me to follow my huge interests in Hospitality & Tourism industry. I have been merging knowledge and experience to reach international standards for creating a better world through culture. Besides, understanding that team-working is an art, which acquires experience in communication, patience and flexibility, assisted me in running my company (GoPersis DMC.). I have not limited myself to my business room and started cooperating with multinational businesses and alliances with the worldwide network, which aroused my interest to provide me with a better understanding of global attitudes.

Collaborating with nations opened the gate for me to become a member of the Promotion, Public Relation and international Relation Advisory Committee of the Iran Chamber President’s Office. Also, my management discipline, decision-making and strategic-planning strength helped me become President of the Tourism Commission of Iran-Italy Chamber of Commerce in Dec 2019.

Gathering all my background in hospitality and tourism with enormous research about the tangible and intangible cultural heritage helped me write articles about the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Iran in UNESCO ( Also, focusing on Tangible cultural heritage and cradles of civilisations supported me to become a researcher presenting Iran in Observatory Patrimoine d’Orient in the Middle East (

Being Immersed in culture and experiential tourism opened a gate for me to become an Ambassador of the World Food Travel Association. I tried to increase international awareness about Persian culinary tourism potentiality as an ambassador from 2020-2021. Finally, collaborating on the board of directors of Creative Tourism Development Club-Iran National Commission under the supervision of UNESCO helped me focus on creativity in cultural tourism to promote the roots of Persian cultures.