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Moshir Divaan Mansion, a Relic of Qajar Era

Moshir Divaan Mansion is in one of the old neighborhoods of Sanandaj and It is one of the famous buildings of the Qajar period.
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Introduction to Moshir Divaan Mansion

Sanandaj is one of the cold cities in Kurdistan province that walking in the lush nature can be pleasant for anyone. Spectacular nature is surrounded by high mountains and a beautiful view of the creation in front of your eyes. There are many historical buildings like Moshir Divaan Mansion in big and small cities of Iran. Buildings with extraordinary virtue that have hidden many stories in their hearts. The stories and narratives of the past that these mansions have left behind are as fascinating as their architecture.

History of Moshir Divaan Mansion

Moshir Divaan Mansion is in one of the old neighborhoods of Sanandaj called Sartpuleh. It is one of the famous buildings of the Qajar period architectured by Mirza Yusuf Mushir Divan, son of Mirza Reza Kordestani, advisor minister, and deputy ruler of Kurdistan during the Qajar rule. In the old days, critical state meetings were held in the Moshir Divaan Mansion. The presence of the government heads in the mansion required sufficient security, so on the entrances, a guard post and a shelter were built, which are the features of the mansion.

Architecture of Moshir Divaan Mansion

The building’s architectural style is the Persian style of the early Qajar period when Persian architecture had not yet been greatly influenced by European architecture. The entrance space (Sar Dar-e Jelokhani) is also an example of traditional Persian architecture. Sar Dar-e Jelokhani was one of the aristocratic houses’ components, built-in a Nim Hashti (Entrance Space) form with several platforms called Khaje Neshin. The Mushir mansion contains six Khaje Neshins. The entrance also has a straight and laid-out bricklaying arch. After the entrance, there is a guard section, where is an octagonal space, and the people who came to the ruling house to give the letter should be waiting here to be allowed to enter. The porch’s roof also has artistic brickwork similar to the entrance’s arch style.

Illustrations and Details

Stepping into the Moshir Divaan Mansion, you will be ecstatic about the magnificence of the designs, the attractive plastering, the detailed columns, the brick decorations, the windows, and the patterns adorned on the building. Mushir Mansion has other features that make it stand out among other buildings in the city. The presence of a pergola and seven courtyards with seven different fountains, a bath, and treasuries, bedding, and carvings have made the Moshir Divaan Mansion unique in every aspect.

The gable roof of the mansion contains a Kolah Farangi (a Persian octagon structure), which is similar to other buildings such as the Vakil al-Mamalek and the Mulla Lutf Allah mansions in Kurdistan. Just below the attic is a columned porch in the front part of the mansion’s ceremonial hall, adorned with rope bedspreads and Muqarnas. On the porch’s walls, the bird design and the leaves of the trees are plastered and carved. Moreover, the hall’s windows have a spectacular virtue with trelliswork and stained glass.

Seven Courtyards of Moshir Divaan Mansion

One of the unique parts of the Moshir Divaan Mansion is the Seven courtyards. Each of which includes a distinctive fountain design, but they are related in style. The seven yards had different functions; A private and inner courtyard, a public courtyard, another ceremonial courtyard, and other service courtyards. The garden and yard are picturesque and pleasant, containing green and tall trees surrounding them.


Another stunning part of the house is its bath, located in the inner courtyard and, like all Persian baths, embraces Sarbineh, Khalvati, and Khazineh. The limestone decorations of the bath have been added to its glory with plant and animal motifs. Every corner of the house is spectacular despite the detailed sash, brickwork, and framing. The Moshir Divaan Mansionhas been the governor of Kurdistan province for a long time and has left creativity and artistry in its heart.

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