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Moslem Restaurant

Moslem Restaurant hosts thousands of people who go to Tehran's Grand Bazaar, providing a delicious experience in heart of the bazaar.
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Introduction of  Moslem Restaurant

Moslem Restaurant is a place that hosts thousands of people who go to Tehran’s Grand Bazaar every day, except on holidays, providing a delicious experience in the heart of the bazaar along with shopping.

Due to its long history and the location in the 15 Khordad region, Moslem, with its traditional and old building, has become an attraction of Grand Bazaar. Such a restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the capital by many people reviews. Visiting the crowded restaurant, you will encounter a long queue; there is almost no hour of the day and no time of the year that you see there secluded. But no worries, the restaurants’ speed of service is top, and the trained staff of Moslem Restaurant does their best to provide a memorable experience for you.


Moslem Restaurant


What to Eat in Moslem Restaurant

When you enter the restaurant, the pleasant aroma of different fares will delight you; you will be tempted to try more cuisines than always. The restaurant offers various traditional Persian foods, including Baghalipolo with muscle, Tahchin-e Morgh, Tahchin-e Bademjan, Mirza Ghasemi, Chelo Kebab, and Chelo kebab-e Barg, etc. Tahchin-e Morgh is one of the most popular courses there, hence, we also recommend you to try it and enjoy its unforgettable taste.


Moslem Restaurant


History of Moslem Restaurant

Moslem Restaurant dates back to at least 20 years ago. The restaurant’s decoration and interior design are so simple. The area is small compared to the number of customers, most of the tables are stuck together, and there is no opportunity to chat with the companions after the meal. Therefore, the customers leave after eating their food so that the other customers can sit sooner. Although this famous and crowded restaurant has established another branch in recent years, the citizens often prefer the main branch in the bazaar as it preserves the old design and instills a nostalgic feeling.

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