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National Garden Gate

National Garden Gate was the entrance gate to Mashq Square, where the Qajar and Pahlavi's soldiers used to be trained.
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Introduction to National Garden Gate (Sardar Bagh-e Melli)

The gate of National Garden was the entrance gate to Mashq Square, where the Qajar and Pahlavi’s soldiers were trained. During the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, a remarkable and extensive gate was installed at the entrance of such a large square; during the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi, a precise and expert architect named Jafar Khan Kashani was commissioned to reconstruct the gate. Of course, German architects also contributed to the construction of this historical place. Perhaps we can claim that in all of great Tehran, no building possesses such a beautiful appearance.


National Garden Gate

Architecture of National Garden Gate

The National Garden Gate was architectured before the Shahyad or Azadi Tower, and until 1963 it was known as the metropolis of Tehran’s landmark. The building design is a combination of Persian and European architecture consists of three gates including a large one with two lintels, a graceful arch in the middle, and two smaller (but still very large) gates on both sides. Also between these gateways are two pillars attached, semi-circular with capitals like minaret designs, like Russian palaces, pointed and silver-coloured. The semicircle with capitals, like minarets, like the palaces of Russia, is pointed with sharp, silver colour. These minarets are tiled and painted from the middle to the top, with the most elaborate designs in bright yellow and turquoise colours. Right above the main gate and between these tiles and paintings, three long orange windows have been made, the contrast of which with the turquoise background colour and golden wooden sides will dazzle the eyes of any passer-by for a long time.

Next to the pleasant atmosphere of the National Garden, what draws your attention in the ancient garden is the presence of willow trees and Kish tree (a kind of boxwood).

National Garden _Gate

History of National Garden Gate

The National Garden Gate is located in an area with numerous museums, where, with the integration of the Museums of the Mashq Square, is one of the five largest museum complexes in the world, alongside the Louvre in France, the British National Museum, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and the Hermitage Museum.

National _Garden Gate


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