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Qeshm Travel Attractions

Qeshm is the island of wonders. UNESCO Geoparks, natural landscapes, incredible vegetation and unique local lifestyle attracts tourists attentions.

Qeshm Island, Earth Heritage

Qeshm embraces incredible nature depicting geological heaven as a pearl at the heart of the Persian Gulf. The island is home of earth heritage as a mountainous region with salt caves and colourful beaches. Besides, local traditional cultures are in villages and coastal residences.

Qeshm Canyon of Wonders

Qeshm Island is one of the largest ones in Hormozgan, including stunning nature. The island is famous as the Seven Wonders Island. ChahKooh canyon is a well-known spot not only in Iran but also in the world. The canyon shows strange and unique shape and appearance. Nature shaped ChahKooh canyon through millions of years of activity by natural phenomena and factors. Exploring there looks like you have travelled to another planet.

Qeshm Geopark (UNESCO Heritage)

The Valley of the Stars is one of the unique geological phenomena on the list of Qeshm’s Seven Wonders. Stars valley is more than two million years old and dazzles the eyes of every viewer. The stunning place is one of the most mysterious attractions of Qeshm. Stars valley includes pointed cones, enormous columns, and high walls. Such a natural phenomenon is as a reason of erosion caused by seasonal showers, surface waters, and hurricanes. These features have caused the place to be a part of Qeshm Geopark in UNESCO heritage.

Qeshm Strait of Colors

Chakavir Strait is one of the picturesque sights of Qeshm that dates back millions of years. The formation of the place, with white holes and walls, due to hurricanes and water erosion, created a scenic view. When the holes are full of water, the combination of the colour of water and walls makes a stunning view.

Forests in Persian Gulf

The Harra forests or Mangrove forests are one of the Seven Wonders of Qeshm Island of Iran. The forest, also known as Qeshm Green Gold, is the habitat of trees that contain roots in the water! To see the forest and the deep-rooted trees, take a boat ride in the cyan colour waters in Persian gulf.

At first, everything is like an ordinary boat ride until you see trees on both sides and go through them. The wonderful experience of green nature at the heart of the blue gulf never goes out of your mind.

Colorful Cave (UNESCO Heritage)

Qeshm Salt Cave is a phenomenon of geology and nature science. The creation of the cave cause water saturation into the heart of mountain with colourful images.

Blue Shine on Brown Sand

Silver shining sand depicts starts in the sky when walking alongside the silver beaches of Qeshm island.

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