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Shafi’i Jameh Mosque, Shows architectural masterpiece

Shafi'i Jameh Mosque is the culmination of the architecture of Persian mosques in Kermanshah and belongs to Sunni Muslim.
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Introduction to Shafi’i Jameh Mosque

Mosques are one of the most significant works among the Islamic structures. Among all mosques in Persia, The Shafi’i Jameh Mosque is the culmination of the architecture of Persian mosques in Kermanshah and belongs to Sunni Muslims. This magnificent mosque cum its long garlands has added to the beauty of Kermanshah. What makes this mosque so special is the design of the building. It is decorated with patterns inspired by Classic Ottoman mosques, including semi-domes, high minarets, decorations and paintings inside, inscriptions in Toghra hand-writing, thick pillars, and vast space under the central dome. If you’ve ever been to Turkey, this will remind you of Turkish mosques.

History of this Mosque

There used to be a praying house, which was built in 1324 AH by the efforts of people with the supervision of Haj Mullah Seyed Hossein Masoudi. It took the people who worked hard to provide the building costs one year to create Shafi’i Jameh Mosque. The monument would reach to Javanshir Square on one side and the Tarikeh Bazaar on the other side. These days, instead of the olden part, people say their prayers in the modern part of the mosque.

Architecture of Shafi’i Jameh Mosque

This Mosque, with its soaring garlands, includes a unique and original Islamic architecture, and the interior design has created a spiritual atmosphere inside the mosque due to the Quranic verses designed with delightful stunning plasterwork. The Shafi’i Jameh Mosque is built on 1060 square meters. The structure of this monument is made of metal and a multiplicative arch system. The exterior of the body is covered with white travertine stone. The mosque consists of an old dome and minaret, and two simple golden metal minarets that are about 9 meters high, that are placed on top of the mosque endowment monument on the south side. The central nave is located on the north side of the mosque and includes a half-floor with five beautiful columns. The interior of the Shafi’i Jameh Mosque consists of male and female naves, shoe-breaking and dividing spaces, a library, side spaces, and a water room. The altar of the mosque, located on the south side of the nave, is made of white and black marble.

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