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Shahcheragh Holy Shrine Depicts spirituality

Shahcheragh is the name of a mosque, where the body of Ahmad ibn Musa, the eldest son of the seventh Shiite Imam is buried in Shiraz.
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Shahcheragh Holy Shrine Introduction

Shahcheragh is the name of a mosque in Shiraz, where the body of Ahmad ibn Musa, the eldest son of the seventh Shiite Imam, Musa Kazem, and one of the brothers of the eighth Shiite Imam, is also buried. He, who had traveled to Khorasan to accompany his brother Imam Reza (AS), was martyred on the way in Shiraz by the agents of Ma’mun, the Abbasid caliph. Today, this mosque is a tourist pilgrimage destination. The tomb of Seyyed Mir Mohammad, brother of Seyyed Mir Ahmad, is also located near Shahcheragh.

Shahcheragh, Shiraz travel attraction

History of Shahcheragh

Shahcheragh Mosque has a history full of ups and downs. The construction of Shahcheragh Mosque is first attributed to the period of Az-Dawla Dailami, one of the sultans of Al-Buwayh. Then, in the sixth century, AH and during the Atabakan period of Persia, another building was built. This building was built in 745 AH by Queen Tashi Khatoon; The mother of the ruler of Persia was repaired. Also, a large school was built next to this tomb.

In 912 AH, Shah Ismail Safavid rebuilt the tomb, but almost 85 years later, in 997 AH, an earthquake greatly damaged the building. Finally, Nader Shah Afshar, after the victory over the Afghans and the conquest of Shiraz, in 1142 AH, repaired and rebuilt this tomb.

Shahcheragh Large Chandelier Story

Nader Shah Afshar, in addition to rebuilding the tomb, ordered his men to hang a large chandelier under the dome, which is said to be made of gold and silver. Unfortunately, the tomb of Shahcheragh was once again exposed to an earthquake in 1239 AH and caused serious damage to it arrived. After this strong earthquake, a large chandelier installed under the dome of Shahcheragh was sold for the cost of reconstruction.

Naming Shahcheragh for the Tomb of Hazrat Ahmad Ibn Musa

Several houses were built around the tomb, one of which belonged to an old lady. She would see a wide light from the window of her house in the distance on every Friday night until one day that the old lady became suspicious and thought that one of the saints of God had been buried there. So, she went to Amir Azdouleh Deilami and discussed the matter with him. Amir told her that he would stay the night at her place and asked her to wake him as soon as she saw the light.

Amir went to the lady’s house. In the middle of the night, the old woman saw that light even brighter and wider than the previous days, then she immediately shouted: “Shah Cheragh” Amir woke up to the sound of the old woman shouting and saw that light with his own eyes, then He moved towards the light, but when he arrived there was no light. Then he turned back and again saw that light much larger and brighter than before. He ordered his men to search in the place.

Unearth the Tomb

Finally, after the investigations, the tomb of Hazrat Ahmad ibn Musa (AS) was found there. After that, this tomb was named Shahcheragh. Amir Azdouleh Dailami, after finding the grave, ordered to build a tomb for him. It is interesting to know that before the time of Amir Azdouleh Dailami, no one was aware of the existence of the tomb of Hazrat Ahmad Ibn Musa (AS), and his tombstone was completely covered with mud.

Architecture of the Holy Shrine

This mosque includes an incredible architecture with spectacular tiles, mirrors, and inlays on its roofs are amazing. The interior of Shahcheragh is a circle of light and mirrors. The interior of the tomb is decorated with magical mirrors. Around the mirrors and tiles are decorated with a variety of spelling Persian and Arabic words.

The original monument was built of silver during the reign of Fath Ali Shah, the second king of Qajar. The current structure was made of silver in 2003.

Holy Shirne Architecture, Shiraz travel attraction

Interior Design of the Shrine

Inside this building, there is an inlaid box. The pillars inside the monument and the roof of the place are also decorated with wood and inlaid. The current dome of the building is made with a metal frame on the foundations of the previous dome, with delicate tiles, which is one of the most delightful domes in Persia. The garlands are placed on both sides of the holy porch and are designed with natural colors. Around the courtyard of Shahcheragh Mosque, there are stunning rooms that have given a special effect to this space. The spiritual and soothing atmosphere of this monument is so relaxing and calm that no one would get overwhelmed by staying so long.

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