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Shahnaz Street Reminds Romantic Memories

Shahnaz Street in Tabriz is known as one of the shopping centers located in the old part of Tabriz metropolis.
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Shahnaz Walking Street

Shahnaz street is located in the central part of the Tabriz. The memories left calmed in every corner of this street, attract citizens and travelers to take a walk. The northern part of the street is busy due to numerous cinemas placed there. In early 1979, after the Revolution, the name was changed to Shariati Street even though it is still called this old street Shahnaz. Important monuments are placed in this street including, the mansion of the Armenian Caliphate of Azerbaijan, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Adventist Church, the Church of the Mighty Absence, the Passage of the Citadel, the Passage of Zarghami.

Architecture of the Shahnaz Streets

Shahnaz Street in Tabriz, with several olden avenues among which, Dash Maghazalar alley, seems so eye-catching. It’s a fusion of Russian architecture with Persian architecture related to the Qajar period. In this path, there is a neighborhood and a historical alley called Baron Avak. The Christian and Armenian citizens of Tabriz had lived there from ancient times. Valman Alley is along the Baron Avak alley either in which, we can visit many old houses and buildings. Shahnaz Street in Tabriz is known as one of the shopping centers located in the old part of Tabriz metropolis through which, citizens and travelers cross from.

Experience Street Food in Shahnaz Crossroads

Tabriz has got this great atmosphere for food fans; Through each corner of it, a variety of food makes it pleasant for an evening walk. Shahnaz crossroads, Tabriz historical bazaar, and Shahgoli are the best to experience street food. This path also invites its companions to the ceremony of delicious traditional sandwiches. Yralma Yomorta (Egg & Potato) is the healthy sandwich to experience in Tabriz and tempts every hungry and satiated passer to try. There are small shops on this street that serve only Yralma Yomorta. You can sit behind their narrow tables and enjoy this sandwich. Cooked potatoes and eggs that are greased with butter and sandwiched with vegetable, cucumber, or pepper seasoning in bread crumbs.

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