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Shahrzad Restaurant Tastes Lights and Food

Shahrzad restaurant is one of the oldest and reputable ones in Isfahan that serves most of delicious Persian food since 1967 in Isfahan.
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Shahrzad Restaurant Introduction

Isfahan, along with its historical and cultural attractions, embraces many ancient and unique restaurants such as Shahrzad Restaurant the one that you undoubtedly enjoy going to. Shahrzad restaurant is one of the oldest and reputable ones in Isfahan, located in Abbasi Street, was opened in 1967; with half a century of experience, it is one of the most renowned restaurants in Iran.

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Isfahan restaurants are the most famous ones in Iran. They not only serve special dining experience but also presents architectural masterpieces and atmosphere. Persian Food with incredible recipes and cooking techniques awaits you in Isfahan.

Architecture and Interior Design of Sharzad

Shahrzad restaurant has been built after two years of implementation with the efforts of Abdul Rahim Foroudastan. The most prominent architects of Isfahan, such as Mr. Chaichi, Mr. Rashtian, and Mr. Meratian have been involved in the restaurant’s design and construction. The superb artistic work of these architects makes this complex not only a restaurant but also an authentic exhibition of Persian Architecture.

Shahrzad restaurant with Persian Traditional Architecture and a combination of attractive mirrors has created a pleasant ambiance that shows the customs and originality of Esfahan with colored glass and luxurious chandeliers along with outstanding paintings. The restaurant decorated with turquoise tiles and Qajar engravings conveys calmness in Persian Architecture.

Menu of the Restaurant

Shahrzad restaurant serves various Persian and French dishes; you can also enjoy live music while eating. The facilities of this restaurant include a separate salad bar and a separate hall for ceremonies and meetings. There are distinctive appetizers, traditional Persian fare, seafood, globally-inspired foods, and desserts. It is good to know that the Shahrzad Restaurants’ Kebab is one of the most tempting dishes, so we suggest you try such tasty course. Other popular foods include meat stew, chicken stew, Fesenjan stew, yogurt stew (served cold), and Mahicheh (Sheep’s muscle). Shahrzad restaurant is a great representative of Persian food culture, do not miss this place during your trip to Esfahan.

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