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Sistan Travel Attractions

Sistan embraces extraordinary beaches and harbor that hosts the most unique sand and rocky ones in Oman Gulf. Sistan beaches inspire humans with the combination of the passion of the ocean and calmness of the beach.

Sistan, Persia Heroic Heritage

Sistan and Baluchestan are one of the largest provinces of Iran. Baluchestan is alongside free oceans by Chabahar harbour. Zahedan is the capital of Sistan and is on the border with Afghanistan and Pakistan. Sistan is a heroic district, as Ferdowsi mentioned the province several times in Shahnameh (Heroic Book of Iranians).

Besides, Sistan proves itself as a historic city in terms of ancient civilization and urban lifestyle. Its history goes back to 7000 years ago and Achaemenid. Sistan’s population mostly come from Baloch tribes who are not only Persians but also Afghans. Therefore, touching on Sistani costumes and traditions and getting close to Baluch classic lifestyle attract attention to historical survivors.

Sistan 5000 Year City (UNESCO Heritage)

History is full of hidden narratives and stories. Stories teach us as much as the experience of birth to death. Among these stories, the history of each nation shows us the characteristics of each region and its culture. Narrations demonstrate how to socialize and connect with these nations. Future generations can use the experience to achieve a world without war. Shahr-i Sokhta is a place with a thousand years of buried stories under the ground.

The city is the birthplace of human being civilization in the east of present Iran. As an industrial city, the people of Shahr-i Sokhta had advanced knowledge in brain surgery. The findings show that they know how to use artificial eye technology. Shahr-i Sokhta is famous as the “Paradise of Archaeologists”. It was like a mansion in the middle of paradise because of its proximity to the Hamun River.

Art of Pottery

Kalpourgan village is in the historic area of Sistan, where local artists create peculiar handicrafts. Artists make pottery, needlework clothing and mat-weaving. Baluch villagers craft Mat-weaving out of wild palm leaves to inspire souvenir buyers on how to coexist with nature.


Art of Needle

Needlework is a traditional art and a heritage of the north and south of the vast country since ancient times. A valuable work of art by Baloch women artists. They beautifully embroider the culture of these people in shapes, forms and colours. Needlework decorates fabric and gives it a new identity.

The First World Animation

The engraving image of a goat on a 50,000-year-old clay cup shows itself as the oldest animation in the world. The clay cup containing five paintings of a goat and a tree presents one of the most important archaeological finds. The goat animation is a brilliant finding in Shahr-i Sokhta historical site of Iran.

Five images are not all the same, and it is only by turning the cup that the creator’s goal can be perceived. The goat in the first picture is standing and looking at the tree. It is ready to jump on the next image, and in the third one, he jumps towards the tree. The fourth and fifth images also show the goat on a branch eating leaves.


Sistan Desert to Sea Beach

We have brought you a story that shows the connection between culture and nature. Lets see energetic and wonderful Darak beach in southern Iran. Travelers must have a memory of Tak-Derakht or the single-tree beach. The only African tree rooted in the sand has become the island’s symbol.

The compassionate adventurers, administrators, and local inhabitants endeavour to revive the tree. The tree is part of the island’s identity. The tree narrates the unparalleled sunrise and sunset of the beach for many years.

Incredible Sistan Mountain

Chabahar Martian Mountains are neither spectacular for greenery nor snow-cap peaks. Those mountains are eyecatching for the specific shape. We can say that the mountains are one of the remarkable natural gifts of Sistan and Iran.
Every year, there is a gathering to climb in Chabahar. Enthusiasts can walk along a specific route from the coast of the Oman Sea and the miniature mountains.

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