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Tabriz Food Shines Like a Dimond in Azeri Culinary

Tabriz food as a great resource of Azeri cuisine is a complex mixture of nature, historical ups and downs, customs, religion, and interests.
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The cooking method of Tabriz Food

Besides the taste, Tabrizi food also refers to the culture and customs of the people of Tabriz. Eating has a long-lasting effect on the mood and personality of every human being. Now, if we step into a city with a character in the passage of history, a significant and influential part of the character should be the local and traditional food. Foods that the city’s residents hold on the table through the ups and downs of history. So, if we are city travellers, nothing can help us understand the moods and spirits of the people of that region, like the local and traditional food of the city and the way of catering. Foods have been travellers along with humans. Tasting the traditional cuisine of any region is sharing the hundreds of years of its people’s experience, which led to the creation of the pleasant taste.

Tabriz, an ancient city with authenticity and as old as history, which is a jewel on the forehead of Azerbaijan with its glorious past, is one of the best places that free you from your mental turmoil and blow your mind with the taste of its delicious and local foods. The food of any region is a complex mixture of nature, historical ups and downs, customs, religion, and interests of that region. It is impossible to pass by the city and forget the taste of Tabriz’s local food and tea in a narrow glass. The women of Tabriz always tried to keep their tables colourful with their art and available food.

Koofteh Tabrizi (Persian Meatballs)

Koofteh Tabrizi is one of the most authentic and tasty dishes of Tabriz Food , which holds many fans. Of course, some countries also serve the yummy dish with a low interference in the original recipe. For cooking Koofteh, you need a variety of aromatic vegetables and red meat. Also, despite the nutrients, it has a high nutritional value.

One of the most significant points for cooking the delicious dish is that the Koofteh should not lose the round shape and keep the actual taste. Koofteh Tabrizi is the artistic symbol of Tabrizi women, so if the woman manages to make a proper Koofteh, or in other words, a round Koofteh, it shows that she has acquired sufficient skills in cooking the dish.

To make the tasty dish, you need minced meat, split pea, rice, eggs, onions, barberry, walnuts, plums, Satureja, tarragon, coriander, parsley, paste, oil, salt, and pepper. Finally, it is cooked in a sauce consisting of tomato paste, water, and saffron and served with bread and vegetables, yogurt, buttermilk, and various pickles.

Garni Yarikh, One of the Best Food in Tabriz

One of the yummy dishes of Tabriz Food is Garni Yarikh or Stuffed Eggplant. The delicious food has a fantastic aroma, and its ingredients include eggplant, minced meat, garlic, onion, tomato, parsley, tomato paste, oil, salt, and spices. Tabrizi people use garlic for more smell and flavour of the food and serve pickles on the side. The juicy, colourful, and fragrant food is a good suggestion for a pleasant meal.

Qiqanakh or Khagineh

Qiqanakh is a tasty dessert in Tabriz which has a different cooking method. To make the sweet dessert, you need flour, eggs, sugar, cardamom, cinnamon, and walnuts.

Yarpaq Dolmasi (Dolmeh Barg-e Mo)

Dolmeh Barg-e Mo is one of the traditional and authentic dishes of Tabriz Food. Most Azeri-speaking regions prepare delicious food, but Tabriz has a long history and authenticity. The dish, like Koofteh Tabrizi, is famous among the people and is served almost in most parts of the country today. Dolmeh Barg-e Mo is a spring food; Because the best grape leaves can be found in the season; however, many people freeze leaves so they can have the mouth-watering food on their tables in other seasons of the year.

You need various ingredients to prepare it, such as grape leaves, rice, split pea, minced meat (optional), and aromatic vegetables including basil, dill, mint, Satureja, tarragon, leek, coriander, parsley, and spices. The method of providing Dolmeh Barg-e Mo is a bit time-consuming; Because, in addition to preparing the raw materials, wrapping grape leaves also takes a little time. Although the dish is so fragrant and yummy, that tempts anyone to prepare it.

Dizi in Tabriz style

Tabriz Dizi is one of the most delicious Dizi in Iran. It is impossible to imagine a trip to Tabriz without trying the famous Stone Dizi of the city. If you travel to Tabriz and don’t try the dish, you can say that your trip was not complete. To cook the Tabriz Stone Dizi, you need four to five hours, and the ingredients include lamb meat, tail fat, onion, split pea, Omani lemon, and paste.


The Qurabiya is a traditional Tabriz sweet. The sweet is very noteworthy among the people of Tabriz, so they still use it in official and significant ceremonies. The sweet has many fans in the cities of Qazvin and Zanjan, as well as in Turkey. Qurabiya is a mixture of raw peeled almonds, egg whites, vanilla, a little flour, sugar, pistachio, and almond slices. After cooking, don’t forget to keep them in a closed container; so they don’t dry out.

Ash-e Miveh (Fruit potage)

Tabriz Food is the cradle of all kinds of Ash. One of the most famous and delicious Ash in Azerbaijan is Ash-e Miveh. The healthy and nourishing Ash has all kinds of dried fruits and is a suitable food for washing the digestive system. Ash-e Miveh, one of the traditional and authentic Iranian dishes, is joint between the three cities of Tabriz, Ardabil, and Hamadan. There are two ways to cook Ash-e Miveh. In one of the cooking methods, there is no need to use vegetables, but in the other method, you should use vegetables as one of the raw ingredients of the dish. Fruits such as apricots, stewed plums, gheysi, and cherries are among the main ingredients of this Ash, and their presence gives it a great taste.

The core of these fruits should be removed and added to the soup at the last stage. Rice, wheat, and legumes such as peas and beans are other ingredients of the Ash that you must cook them carefully. Those who like this Ash to have a sweet taste add sugar to it. The Ash-e Miveh is also the ideal and very delicious food for vegetarians. It is recommended not to forget the experience of tasting the unique taste during your trip to Tabriz.

Khoresht Havij (Carrot stew),One of the Local Dishes of Tabriz Food

One of the tasty and colourful stews of Tabriz is Carrot Stew or Zardak Stew. The stew is one of the original and local dishes of Tabriz Food, the main ingredient of which is carrot. Forget any preconceived notions of cooked carrots. To cook the stew, you need meat or chicken. Carrots are sliced ​​very delicately and beautifully and go to the pan. Meat or chicken is roasted and mixed with tomato paste. Plums, saffron, and lemon juice are added to the stew to give it a sweet and sour taste. If you like a sweet taste, you can remove the plum and lemon juice or add a little sugar if you want it to taste sweeter.

Kookoo Lubia Sabz (Green Bean Frittata)

Kookoo is one of the fast foods among Iranians, which they can cook with any desired ingredients. The delicious Kookoo is one of the local dishes of Tabriz Food. To cook this Kookoo, we first chop the green beans and cook them. Then we combine green beans with boiled potatoes and eggs and spread the obtained ingredients in the pan since it is well cooked. The appearance of Kookoo Lubia Sabz is very similar to pizza!

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