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Zanjan Travel Attractions

Zanjan embraces distinctive natural landscapes and colorful mountains. The city is home of historical stories and architectural masterpieces.

Zanjan, City of Nature and Culture

Explore Zanjan to find better ideas about the Azeri-Persian lifestyle alongside the Alborz mountain range. Zanjan embraces incredible natural landscapes and identifies architectural masterpieces in urban and rural areas. The city presents UNESCO’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Zanjan not only shows itself as a destination for souvenirs but also organizes food festivals.
The Majesty of Persian crafts depicts itself in Perso-Islamic architecture by building magnificent domes besides visionary minarets. Soltaniyeh dome illustrious tile-work, to appeal gesture of respect to God. Zanjan is a creative city in terms of Malileh Handicraft. Artists create Malileh out of silver. As well, the hand-made knife is a historical souvenir of Zanjan.

Zanjan Architectural Masterpiece (UNESCO Heritage)

Soltaniyeh Dome is one of the architectural masterpieces and the largest brick dome in the world of the Islamic period. King Öljaitü (Mongol rule of the Ilkhanid period) changed his religion into Islam through cultural effects. He decided to create an eight-angel, delightful historical dome in the city of Soltaniyeh in Zanjan province. Good to know that the church of Santa Maria del Fiore Dome in Florence is a good copy of Soltaniyeh. Besides, the Taj Mahal is another good duplication of Soltaniyeh too.

Zanjan Silver Handicraft (UNESCO Handicraft)

Malileh is a handmade souvenir that caused Zanjan to be one of the creative cities of UNESCO. Malileh art as a kind of handicraft creates heaven out of Silver.

A Building to Respect Women

Have you ever heard about an edifice for washing clothes? Let us be the first to inform you of such a historical place, Zanjan Rakhtshooy Khaneh. The Rakhtshooy Khaneh is the only monument in the world with such use in Zanjan province. Rakhtshooy Khaneh created a safe indoor ambience for women washing clothes due to the climatic conditions of Zanjan.

Moreover, the water flow has been in such a way as to save both water consumption and health issues. The construction is currently the Zanjan Anthropological Museum. Inside Rakhtshooy Khaneh, travellers can find all kinds of local clothes, ornaments, tools, and utensils.

Art of Decoration and Strength

In the case of handicrafts in an area, sometimes the fundamental part is not as important as the details. Zanjan Knife is one of those crafts that are famous for their handles. The taste and creativity used in its construction have turned this tool into one of the most popular handicrafts in Iran. Zanjan knife is famous for both its strength and elegant details.

Rainbow Mountains

Aladaglar mountains are landscapes that embrace the rainbow-colourful mountains in Zanjan. Colourful mountains are in Mahneshan city. Rainbow colourful mountains create a spectacular view with a colour combination of red, green, brown, orange, yellow, and white. The mountains are the most stunning and remarkable mountainous natural attractions in Iran.

Dragon Temple

Have you ever heard of the Dragon Temple in Iran? You probably tell yourself dragon is a famous symbol of China, so how was such a symbol work in Iran? The Dashkasan Temple is famous as the dragon’s building in Zanjan Province. Visitors will see an outstanding combination of Persian and Mongol art and architecture.