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Ameriha Boutique Hotel Reminds Persian palace

Ameriha Boutique Hotel is a historical and valuable complex that is representing the original Persian architecture.
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Introduction to Ameriha Boutique Hotel

Kashan contains many historical houses representing the original Persian architecture that acquaint the people of Iran and the world with Persian art. Ancient houses are a gift from the past for new generations and a reminder of Persian artists art. Ameriha Boutique Hotel is a historical and valuable complex belonging to the great Ameri family.

Ameriha Boutique Hotel, Kashan Travel Attraction

History of Ameriha Boutique Hotel

The mansion is one of the greatest, whose architecture is unique and brilliant. Ameriha mansion is distinctive from all traditional residences of Kashan in terms of age and architecture, dating back to the Zandieh period. Although the house was constructed before the earthquake in 1813 that destroyed some parts of the building, it was rebuilt and developed during the Qajar era by Saham Al-Saltanah Ameri and was passed to his son, Ibrahim Khalil Khan Khan Ameri, after his death. Since then, the residence has been known as the Saray-e Ameriha. Amir Anoushfar, a Persian architect who was living in France, was the house interior designer.

Ameriha Boutique Hotel, Kashan Travel Attraction

Architecture of Ameriha Boutique Hotel

Such an extensive complex is an ancient house consist of several residences, in a total area of ​​7,000 square meters. Three houses and five courtyards, the oldest of which is the outer and inner courtyard, include about 85 rooms, the highest house windcatcher of Kashan, also a separate bathroom for men and women. Wooden windows with stained glass, traditional furniture, and Persian arched architecture also create different memories for visitors.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are living in a house that is many years old. You can hear the sound of water flowing from its large and full of water pool while strolling in the yard. Small pomegranate trees surround the pond, and this is a picture of a marvelous painting in front of your eyes. The walls and the complex design are remarkably delicate and artistic besides the large and lush pots on the large porch of the mansion that can nail a person for hours.

The Mansion’s Function

For a long time, the Ameriha House was just a place for tourists to get acquainted with the stunning architecture of historic houses. Walking in plastered rooms, unique royalty with colourful latticed windows, and symmetrical courtyards, tourists had always captured amazing images during their visit; however, the mansion turned into a guest house, after a while, to serve travelers. The unique building is one of the largest and stunning traditional boutique hotels in Kashan, where was opened in 2014, and its function development happened due to its architectural scheme.

The five* Boutique Hotel contains seven large courtyards, each with its grandeur. Pass through the Hashti, wander through history, and travel to the royal life of ancient Persia. The brilliant courtyard surrounded the mansion embraces a large pool in the middle with a view of the porch and windcatcher at the end of which is a typical image of a Persian house.

Ameriha Boutique Hotel, Kashan Travel Attraction




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