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Kashan Travel Attractions

Kashan is a city of historical houses and the Persian carpet contains treasures of Persian cultures, and civilizations, in its heart.

Kashan, Smell Roses and Touch Persian Architecture

Travel to Persian architecture and culture city where roses, gardens, houses, mosques and archaeological sites await you. Kashan is the most famous rosa water (Golab) smell in the Islamic world. Muslims wash Kaaba in Mecca with the rosa water from Qamsar in Kashan. World UNESCO carpet of Kashan shines among Persian handicrafts.

Kashan architectural heritage catches tourists’ eyes with lights, pools, plasterworks and arches. UNESCO Persian gardens capture attention, especially in Fin Garden at the heart of the desert in Kashan. Love stories shape creative ideas, and Kashan is a city out of those narrations. Let’s travel to Kashan to feel Paradise in the desert of Dasht-e Kavir.

Silk Road Caravanserai

Aminodole Caravanserai (Timcheh Amin al-Dawla) is a coherent form of structure that reflects hospitable sensibility in the Kashan bazaar. Timcheh Amin al-Dawla is one of the architectural and historical buildings related to the Qajar period.

The historic Timcheh shows a vast central space covered with cells around it for buying and selling precious goods. The Timcheh ceiling decoration is embracing unique Muqarnas with colourful bricks and tiles. Aminodole Caravanserai is more eye-catching at noon as the rays of sunlight through the windows create a pleasant image.

Kashan Historic Garden (UNESCO Heritage)

Kashan is a city of historical houses and the capital of carpet of the world. The city contains treasures of Persian cultures and civilizations in its heart. One of these phenomenal buildings is Fin Garden. Fin Garden depicts a genuine Persian garden. The garden is so stunning that it presents a perfect example of Persian gardening.

Fin Garden is a dreamy place due to the numerous fountains, the sound of the water, and the towering trees. Such a garden is a specific style of Persian architecture and structure of a garden and palace. Those gardens are the symbol of the historical and cultural richness of Persia.

Kashan Love Story

Boroujerdi House story begins when Seyyed Mehdi Borujerdi falls in love with the daughter of the affluent Tabatabaei family. No one believed this love would be hugely impressive and a reason to build Borujerdi’s eye-catching house. Boroujerdi House combines the desert style of wind-catchers combining with Persian classic models of the iwan. The house embraces superb plasterwork in interior and exterior decoration.

The magnificent Borujerdi house of Kashan is one of the most famous and influential historical houses of Iran. It took eighteen years to build the house in Kashan. By watching the most elegant manifestations of Kashan travel attraction, travellers feel the glory of love. Borujerdi house presents Persian architecture for 130 years.

Persian Carpet City (UNESCO Heritage)

The art of weaving is a sense of life in our safe place. The Kashan carpet, with its unique shapes and colours, represents Persian land since the Safavid era. Tourists are always willing to visit the weaving houses that embrace an incredible kind of Persian rug in Kashan.

Kashan rugs are mostly in cotton or pure silk, and the texture is usually tight with vegetable dyes. Those themes place freshness and softness into the Kashan rugs as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Kashan rugs are mainly in red, blue, indigo or ivory colours.

Kashan Bazaar

Kashan Bazaar is one of the historical buildings related to the Qajar period. The historic bazaar embraces a vast central space with cells around it. People used to do business in bazaars, especially in the bazaar caravanserais in Iran. One of these bazaars with extraordinary architecture is Timcheh Amin al-Dawla.

Timcheh Amin al-Dawla is a Kashan travel attraction and a place for buying and selling precious goods. The Timcheh ceiling is shining with unique Muqarnas and colourful bricks and tiles. The caravanserai is more eye-catching than ever at noon since the rays of sunlight pass through the windows.

Kashan Star Watching Desert

Iran is a vast land with a unique climate and a variety of vegetation. Each vegetation is unique, so anywhere in this land can surprise you. Marnjab desert in the northeast of Isfahan province near Kashan is one of those places.

Maranjab desert is a wheat-like desert that shines like gold in the glare of sunlight. The desert is 60km northeast of Kashan close to Aran-via-Bidgol county. Maranjab desert is a charming place for camping, watching the roar of the stargate and having friendly companions. 

Kashan School-Mosque

You may wonder about the arrival of mansions called mosque-school in Persian Islamic architecture! With the advent of Islam in Persia, learning had a strong connection to religion. According to the Prophet of Islam’s advice, mosques are holy locations for education. As a result, we see the mosque-school mansions in Islamic architecture. 

Agha Bozorg School-Mosque is an example of separating the two educational and prayer spaces in Kashan. The two spaces are in separation by a garden pit. Engineering is a common feature of desert climate architecture. Agha Bozorg school and mosque of Kashan is one of the most magnificent buildings of the Qajar period in Iran. 

The most eye-catching feature of the place is its blue and turquoise tiles. In Agha Bozorg mosque, tiles neatly and beautifully shine next to each other and form interesting Persian geometric patterns. In addition, the Grand Mosque is the only five-story mosque in the Islamic world, and the feature multiplies its importance.

Kashan Rosa Water Festival

The Rosewater making (Golabgiri) festival of Kashan is one of the most famous traditions among Iranians. The customs started in Fars province in the past, but today a significant part of it is in Kashan. The traditional ritual happens in the spring season during the flowering of Rose (Mohammadi) on Kashan farms. 

House, Garden, Mansion in a Home

Persian introverted architecture has given a special place as a valuable treasure to the houses. From the outside, it may seem simple, but when you step inside, it’s like you are entering a hidden palace. Ameri House is a mansion dating back around 200 years ago in Kashan. 

The design of the two parts of the house and the middle pond is reminiscent of Persian gardens. Also, the plastering of each porch and the unique seven royal-glass doors shine spirituality with the play of light.

Bride of Kashan Houses

Tabatabaei House is an architectural masterpiece and a great Kashan travel attraction. Seyyed Jafar Tabatabaei built the house in 1835 A.D. during the Qajar dynasty. The human soul desires immortality, so man tends to create for permanence.

These people create a work which depicts a corner of their lifestyle and thinking. Tabatabaei house‘s unique patterns embrace Persian carpets in architecture, paintings, and mirrors because the house owner was a carpet merchant. Besides, stunning windows reflect light like a coloured palette on floors and walls to shine spectacular plastering.

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