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Aminodole Caravanserai Is Rather Architecture

Aminodole Caravanserai is one of the Persian noble architectural masterpieces of the second half of 13th centuries.
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Introduction to Aminodole Caravanserai

The narration of some monuments is not dedicated to a period of time. Sometimes, they tell the story of a change, and a transformation. The Amin o-dowleh Timcheh and Aminodole Caravanserai are a good example to see how the earthquake changes the appearance of the city, and how the delightful tileworks and the remarkable architecture of the Bazaar, manifests the creativity and passion of Kashan people.

History of Aminodole Caravanserai

The history of Kashan Bazaar is full of ups and downs; This Bazaar once was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 12th AH century but, during the Qajar era, it was rebuilt, and also, some new sections were added to the whole structure of Kashan Bazaar. Amin o-dwoleh Timcheh was one of those sections added to the whole Bazaar. Farrokh Khan-e Qafari-e Kashi, the Deputy Prime Minister of Fath Ali Shah Qajar’s court, and was known as Aminoddole. He built this caravanserai in the Bazaar Chaharsooq, which was known as Mian Chal, in 1285 AH.

Architecture of Caravanserai

Aminodole Caravanserai is an exclusive three-story Bazaar, built strong enough that, not even the smallest crack is created in its structure. As technical experts have said, it is one of the Persian noble architectural masterpieces of the second half of 13th centuries, and is a treasury of gathering special arts together. The roof of the Aminoddole Caravanserai is covered with the combination of mogharnas, and bricks, which has turned it into one of the most picturesque Bazaar roofs in Persia. The Timcheh is connected to the main Bazaar of Kashan with two rough doors. One door leads from the Chaharsooq to the small octagonal courtyard, and the other, to the large southern rectangular courtyard.

As Jane Dieulafoy, the famous French archaeologist, and merchant of the 19th century, has done extensive research on the land of Persia, has mentioned about the Aminoddole Caravanserai in a complete way.

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