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Timcheh Amin o Dowleh Depicts Majesty

One of the extraordinary masterpieces that are the creativity's manifestation is Timcheh Amin o Dowleh in the city of history and nature.
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Introduction to Timcheh Amin o Dowleh

Kashan, the city of flowers and roses with its historical and beautiful texture, is known as one of the tourist destinations in Persia, where many interested people travel every year to visit the rose-picking and carpet-washing ceremonies. There are tourist spots in Kashan, the stunning desert city. Intelligent Persians who create all these outstanding and spectacular works with their innovation and creativity, with the most limited facilities, besides their knowledge, have built masterpieces that we are thrilled to see today. One of the extraordinary masterpieces that are the creativity’s manifestation is Timcheh Amin o Dowleh. The Bazaar and Caravanserai, located in the heart of Kashan, the city of history and nature.

Timcheh Amin o Dowleh, Kashan Travel Attraction


History of Timcheh Amin o Dowleh

Such a historical place, where belongs to nine hundred years ago, signifies the creators’ knowledge, mathematics, and genius. When looking at the bazaar, you will see how ancient designers have created a lasting and astonishing work using geometric shapes. The geometric embellishments on the caravanserai’s roof consist of Mogharnas with coloured bricks, tiles and arched in a unique Persian style have given the building a glorious appearance due to its precise geometry and pleasant design.

It is noticeable that the art of Persian architecture and the inhabitant’s creativity have operated hand in hand to build a luxurious caravanserai in Kashan Bazaar. Unfortunately, the bazaar and caravanserai were destroyed by the natural disaster of the earthquake, but it was rebuilt strongly against natural disasters during the reign of the Qajar kings. The Timcheh was built by Farrokh Khan Ghaffari, nicknamed Amin al-Dowleh during the Qajar period; Ali Maryam Kashani, whose valuable works attract many tourists in Kashan, was the Timcheh’s architecture.

Architecture of Timcheh Amin o Dowleh

The delicacies used in the building as well as the fascinating and spectacular shapes that the architects had created with the bricks and tiles have perfected the construction’s value. Mogharnas works and tilings that are not imitations of any country and are specific to the original Persian architectural art have doubled the appearance of the caravanserai. The bazaar and caravanserai are more eye-catching at noon in the sunshine than ever before because the rays of sunlight shining through the windows create a delightful image, blurring the eyes of the beholder. It is good to know that Persian artists have thought of everything when constructing the building; by using arches, placing windows and weights on the roof of the Timcheh, they have provided great lighting to the building.

Even the windows of the bazaar and the inn are all made with elegance and glamour. Although those wooden windows that made the inn more eye-catching have now been replaced by iron and glass ones, nothing diminishes the charm of the magnificent architecture. A covered bazaar with a high ceiling has become one of its unique and attractive features. In addition, the extensive bazaar contains three floors, each of which is decorated with charming patterns, tiles, and eye-catching mirrors.

Timcheh Amin o Dowleh, Kashan Travel Attraction

Goods & Function of Timcheh

As mentioned, Timcheh Amin al-Dowleh is in the middle of Kashan Bazaar, separated from the bazaar by two large doors, so we can assume Timcheh as an independent place that is easily accessible from Kashan Bazaar. According to technical experts, a single ambience has been created that is one of the masterpieces of original Persian architecture in the thirteenth century, AH, representing various artistic techniques. Timcheh Amin o Dowleh has been the residence of foreign merchants, who probably enjoyed their stay in the caravanserai pretty much.

Today, Timcheh is a place for selling hand-woven carpets; By entering the bazaar and caravanserai, the locals’ handicrafts can be seen and touched more than before.

Whatever we say about the attractions of the Timcheh is still inadequate and is not imaginable until you visit the place yourself. Anyone can see the photos of Timcheh Kashan by surfing the Internet, which leads to a determined decision to travel to Kashan and immerse themselves in all these extraordinary locations.

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