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Cheshmeh Ali, A Boiling Spring in the Desert.

Cheshmeh Ali is a natural and unique attraction surrounded by gardens and beautiful green mountains irrigated by spring water.
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Introduction to Cheshmeh Ali

Damghan is one of the pleasant cities of Semnan, and Cheshmeh Ali is one of the resorts in the city, which has a cool climate. According to historical evidence, the spring was called Aali Bolagh or Hezar Cheshmeh, which means fifty springs in Azeri because there are many springs around it. The spring is in Rudbar rural area in terms of geographical divisions and includes two lakes, one lake in the north and the other in the southern part of ​​Cheshmeh mansion, and most of the spring water comes out of the northern lake. Cheshmeh Ali, due to the potent pressure of groundwater, has always flowed even in drought seasons and is the source of water supply in Damghan city. There are stunning and lush gardens around Cheshmeh-ye ‘Ali irrigated from the water of Cheshmeh Ali. There are a variety of fruit trees, such as apples, apricots, green tomatoes, etc., which makes it a suitable place to enjoy nature, along with the roaring sound of water. In addition to the spectacular nature of the spring, religious evidence, and stories about it made the area valuable to the people. Next to the spring, you will see several old and thick sycamore trees that are probably centuries old. You will also see pieces on the roots and branches of these trees, which are rooted in the religious beliefs of the region’s people. In other words, they resort to the roots of the sycamore tree and ask God for their wishes.

History and architecture of Cheshmeh Ali mansion

Fath-Ali Shah, the second Qajar king, built Cheshmeh Ali’s mansion during the Qajar period about three centuries ago. However, the whole complex date back to the Safavid period. Places with pleasant weather have always been the focus of the kings and rulers of that time. Fath-Ali Shah Qajar, whose Damghan was his birthplace, also paid specific attention to the city. During one of his trips, when he was going to Mashhad to prevent Nader Mirza Afshar from advancing, the grandson of Nader Shah Afshar, he stopped in the place and ordered to build a mansion in the middle of the complex pool. Cheshmeh Ali mansion in Damghan consists of two parts. One is a guard house (a tall building for guarding and resting the guards), a brick building built in the style of Safavid architecture in the Safavid period, which Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar used as a guard house. And the other is a building (Fath-Ali Shah mansion), which is built in water and has a brick structure.

The passage in the area of ​​Cheshmeh Ali mansion

After entering the Cheshmeh area, you will see a stunning brick building that was built in the water and located in it. This mansion was the resting place of the kings. The upper and lower floors are open on both sides, and whoever sits on them can see both sides of the lake. In the past, visitors could enter the building and see the spectacular views of the garden, fountains, and nearby mountains. The summer resort, one of the most prominent resorts in Iran, also had a bath and a mosque. But today, it is almost destroyed, and they have built another mosque instead. The existence of medicinal plants and other plant species in the region, along with walnut, plum, apricot, and fruit trees in the surrounding villages, has added to its tourist attractions. Around Cheshmeh Ali complex, there are facilities such as accommodation suites, a tea house, a restaurant, Amusement Park, and a bookstore so that travellers can have fun and enjoy the pleasant climate in complete serenity.

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