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Semnan Travel Attractions

Semnan is a geographically diverse region and embracing the longest route in the Silk Road. Desert and Jungle touch each other in Semnan at the heart of ancient stories of the city.

Semnan, Silk Road Costumes and Traditions

Semnan, embracing the longest path on the Silk Road, dates back to the Median era. It depicts four seasons in one province and demonstrates an extraordinary lifestyle adapted to the desert. Semnan is a geopolitical area that connects north, south, east and west of Iran, close to the Alborz mountain range.

Semnan ecosystem with different properties represents remarkable pictures of natural inland sceneries. Those sceneries hugely show most environmental features of Hyrcanian ecological values in the north part of Semnan. Semnan flourishes extravagant desertic environmental conditions in the south too. Explore a combination of desert and mountainous lifestyles with incredible Persian dialects and cuisine alongside Semnan Province.

Semnan Desert

Dasht-e Kavir is the second most popular desert tourist attraction in the central plateau of Iran. As a reason for wildlife, vegetation, and local lifestyle along the Silk Road, Dasht-e kavir shines like a diamond. It shows an unbelievable local lifestyle in the centre of Iran’s desert. Dasht-e Kavir vegetation is a hub for biology in the world. The dasht-e Kavir embraces unique natural sceneries of sand and sun as an eco-travel destination.

Green Nature Alongside Desert

Natural richness and moderate weather in the northern part of the central desert of Iran shape Shahmirzad. Shahmirzad is close to the south of the Caspian Sea too. In the north of Semnan, travellers go to the livestock region of Shahmirzad for many years. Cloudy villages, rainy climates and mountainous areas attract tourists’ attention to Shahmirzad. Shahmirzad embraces a green atmosphere close to the Dasht-e Kavir with rice farms

Mosque on A Fire Temple

Tarikhaneh Mosque displays distinctive Sassanid architecture as the oldest mosque in Iran. The mosque used to be a fire temple for Zoroastrians to worship God before the Arab conquest of Iran. Tarikhaneh Mosque is an architectural masterpiece narrating stories from hundreds of years ago. Mud-brick mosque with light brown colour proves the mosque as a unique Semnan travel attraction.

Semnan Sufi Tomb

Bayazid Bastami’s tomb shows us the leaders of Sufism philosophy and Islamic mysticism. Bastami was a guru in the field of philosophy and Islamic logic. Bayazid used to be the most reputed and respected Sufi person of all time.

Semnan Historical Squire

Arg Gate is a historical symbol presenting the Qajar architecture. The gate is one of the most important squares in the city centre of Semnan.

When Jungle Touches Desert

The Alborz Mountain range is a wall between Mazandaran and Semnan. The wall has formed a barrier to the movement of clouds. The mountain range has created a strange and pristine region north of Semnan. The wall, known as the Opert Wall, is the boundary between the Hyrcanian forests the Dasht-e Kavir. Watching the nomads’ black tent and tasting their fresh dairy products doubles the pleasure of being in the dreamy atmosphere.

Things to Do in Semnan

Semnan Voices and Legends

Kharaqani, Semnan Travel Attraction

Kharaqani, A Famous Persian Philosopher

Reading Time: 3 minutes Semnan province, the cradle of poets and mystics Semnan province has many religious, pilgrimage, and historical places, and in terms of culture and traditions, it