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Hamedan Walking Tour

Hamedan Walking Tour is so open-hearted to those who love to discover every layer , and to hear stories with their heart in this city.
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Introduction to Hamedan Walking Tour

Hamedan Walking Tour,  shows the city of Hamadan. the birth place of the Persia civilization, in one of the very few ancient cities around the world, with many stories to tell, from the creation of the first dynasty of this land to the very last royal dynasty of Persia history. Including monuments from the beginning of the very first emperor of this land, the Median dynasty to the very last royal dynasty, the first Pahlavi period. Hamadan is so open-hearted to those who love to discover every layer, each corner, and to hear stories with their heart using their eyes to let the city touch their soul. To know stories better, let’s have a walking tour together to know more about the atmosphere of the city.

Hegmataneh Ancient City

Our Hamedan Walking Tour with the ruins that have emerged from the heart of the soil are now ready to tell the story of the kingdom of Diako and the palace with seven nested walls, the capital of Hegmataneh as the first capital of the Persian Empire, an ancient city dating back to the history of civilization.

Hegmataneh, Hamedan Travel Attraction

Olden Carriers in Hamedan Walking Tour

After that we will get to the olden Bazaar of the city that in the past, various professions were active in the caravanserais of Hamedan, but today, they have either found a unique and special application or are obsolete. Meanwhile, Lalejin pottery in Hamedan bears the memories of these carriers and speaks of the prosperity and bustle of caravanserais at the peak of their activities.

Lalejin pottery, Hamedan Travel Attraction

The Grand Bazaar of the city

The grand Bazaar of Hamadan, as the ancient places for contributing, dating back to the Qajar era, including Houses, caravanserais, mosques and tea houses were all located in the heart of this surviving market. On the walking tour of Hamedan, we will visit the spectacular Hamedan bazaar.

Grand Bazaar, Hamedan Hamedan Walking Tour

Emam Khomeini Square

In this part of Hamadan walking tour, we’ll get to the Emam Khomeini Square that is the central square of the city, dating back to Qajar period, known as one of the greatest squares of Persia, that is knows as one due to the most amazing and delightful architecture.

Emam Khomeini Square, Hamedan Walking Tour

Hamedan Walking Tour, Alaviyan Dome

By crossing through the street, and taking a few minutes of walk, we will get to one of the architectural masterpieces of the history, dating back to the Seljukian period. A place that was created to be a place for saying the prayers, but then& turned out to be the dome of the Alaviyan family who created it.

Alaviyan Dome, Hamedan Walking Tour

Baba Tahir Oryan

Baba Tahir Hamadani known as Baba Tahir Oryan, the great Persian poet and mystic who lived in Hamedan around the 4th and 5th centuries AH. And we will visit here on the Hamedan walking tour. He was called “Baba” because Baba was the nickname which would be given to the ascetic followers and “Oryan” because he had cut off from the worldly belongings, although his humble, dervish profession, which was the way of mystics, caused him to live in an anonymous corner and leave no description of his life. His tomb now is located in north of Hamadan City, in which, you’ll be able to hear the poetries of this great poet, and will get the chance to simplicity of the poems, the unpretentiousness, the sense of freedom and purity, the sense of freedom and liberation from the attachments of the world.

Baba Tahir Oryan

Ester and Mordecai in Hamedan Walking Tour

During the reign of the fourth Achaemenid king, Xerxes, and Queen Vashti, Jews infiltrated the Persian court, interfering in many of the country’s decisions. Esther and Mordecai were two secret and influential Jews of the Achaemenid court.  Mordecai, after entering and infiltrating the court of Xerxes, the Achaemenid king, also introduces his nephew, Hades, or the same, Esther, into the court with a clever trick, and Esther, by deceit, assumes the position of queen. Those who were beloved by Jews for surviving them from a great death.

Ester and Mordecai, Hamedan Walking Tour


To visit this place, we must take a ride to 5 km far from the city to read two of the greatest inscriptions in human history that speak of the joy of God and the creation of happiness. In the past, people believed that these inscriptions spoke of a hidden treasure and called it the treasure.

Ganjnameh, Hamedan Travel Attraction


The Lion Stone

At the end of Hamedan Walking Tour, we will take a picture with the guard of the city, the Loin Stone that used to be placed in the entrance of the city, and now is close to the Ganjnameh Complex.

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