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Hamedan Travel Attractions

Hamedan used to be one of the Elamite and Achaemenid capitals. The ancient city’s name was Ecbatana during its majesty.

Hamedan, Legacy of Elamite & Achaemenid Empires

Hamedan is an iconic city of ancient urbanism, religious diversity and handicrafts and its name was Ecbatana. Ecbatana absorbs your attention to 3000 years ago with mud & brick remains at the heart of Hegmataneh antique city. Hamedan has gained a prominent position in ceramic and pottery craftsmanship in the Middle East.

Hamedan handicrafts show the artistic view of people that lies in their daily lifestyle from thousands of years ago. Easter and Mordechai is the holiest site for Jewish in Iran near Zoroastrianism beliefs in Hamedan. Hegmataneh’s historic city is the highlight of the Hamedan attraction near the Persian guru Avicenna Tomb.

Hegmataneh Ancient City

Ecbatana ancient city proves the existence of urbanism from the pre-Aryans mass migration era to Hamedan. The engineering pattern in the sewage system shows the orderly structure of ancient times. The engineering system caused Ecbatana to be on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Museums around the world are like treasures from thousands of years ago. There are exquisite goods from around the world or that have become a shelter for objects found from lands around. Hegmataneh museum is an extraordinary one, built nearby the ancient hill of Hegmataneh near Hamedan.

Iran Jewish Heritage

The Tomb of Esther and Mordechai is a significant Jewish shrine in Iran and a great Hamedan travel attraction. Ester and Mordechai demonstrate Jewish persistence in Hamedan, in which Jewish used the surrounding area as a cemetery.

Darius the Great Inscription.

Ganjnameh is a depiction of the grandeur of antiquity with nature, which means ‘treasure of letter’. Darius the Great advised his son by engraving three columns in three languages in his remembrance.

Things to Do in Hamedan

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