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Kalposh Plain, the Fiery Effect of the Desert

Kalposh Plain with Thousands of poppies that emerge from the ground, giving nature a dreamlike effect that enchants you with its redness.
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Introduction to the Kalposh plain

Semnan province contains areas with various climates. From desert parts to high mountains and breezy parts, and is full of natural and diverse tourist attractions. The name of this region comes next to its calm and silent deserts, which are full of shining stars that call astronomers to observe; But in the same province, there is a golden and red plain covered with sunflowers and poppy flowers. Kalposh plain is one of the attractions that hosts many nature lovers every year in spring and summer. If you want to experience a part of paradise nature, come to Kalposh plain, north of Meyami County. The green area takes on a specific colour and surface twice a year and shows scenic views.

Miracle of nature in Kalposh plain

Every year, spring dances like a playful girl in the green plains and climbs joyfully on the mountain slopes. At first, the plain wears green clothes and velvet from the grass, and with the warming weather and the arrival of May, along with the growth of poppy flowers, its magnificence doubles. Thousands of poppies emerge from the ground, giving nature a dreamlike effect that enchants you with its redness. The fiery appearance of red poppies has spread throughout the plain, and as far as the eye can see, poppies have grown. On hot days in late summer, when the golden flowers of the sunflower bloom, the area turns yellow. With the arrival of September, millions of sunflowers will bloom in the velvety plains of Kalposh, creating a unique landscape in the region. The people of this region start planting sunflowers in the spring in dry and wet forms, and the flowers reach their peak of magnificence in summer.

Special features of  The colorful plain

What makes this plain different from similar samples and is considered one of the distinctive features is the cultivated areas that are unlikely in other sunflower fields in flat lands, are uneven plains and cascading hills, which create a unique colour distinction. The planting of sunflowers in the area includes different varieties, and we can mention some new genetic types, like short-legged and large-seeded sunflowers among them. Kalposh green and forested area with 14,000 hectares of forests, 30,000 hectares of pastures, and 34,000 hectares of cultivated fields, includes a significant zone. This plain with sufficient rainfall and land suitable for agriculture and forestry, adjacent to the wildlife sanctuary and Golestan National Park, is considered part of the park.

Due to the location in a semi-humid climate, on the one hand, and the situation of agricultural lands (dryland), determined by the cultivation of plant species, has caused the region vegetation to have specific conditions. In addition to crop species, you can find a variety of forest shrubs in the Kalposh area, and the presence of waterfalls, springs, and forest tree species in the zone has increased its prominence.

The journey to Kalposh Poppy Plain Festival

To introduce the magnificence of this region, a trip to poppy plain is held every year with the presence of nature lovers. Visiting the areas of poppy plain, Shad plain forest, Nam-e Nik forest and waterfall, and other natural attractions of the region, offering handicrafts, and souvenirs, performing local music, and playing with wood are among the programs of the festival. Jajim weaving, wood carving, needlework, and other handicrafts are among the handicrafts of the Kalposh region, which, along with dairy products and sunflower seeds, form rich baggage of souvenirs for you from Kalposh.

In addition to traveling to the poppy plain, you can visit historic places along the way, such as the Bedasht and Meyami caravanserais. The 400-year-old Meyami Caravanserai dates back to the Qajar and Safavid periods. Staying at the Meyami Caravanserai, with its traditional architecture, takes you back four centuries to a dreamy night in the heart of history, a remarkable memory in the heart of the desert due to the location of the Caravanserai. Along with the observation of the stars in the very starry sky of the area, where the air is clear, so much so that you feel you can touch the stars if you reach out.

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