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Karun River Nightwalk

Karun River is the most watery river and the largest river in Persia, passing through the heart of Ahvaz in Khuzestan province.
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 Karun River

One of the most important reasons for the popularity and tourism of Ahvaz in Khuzestan province is the existence of Karun River. Karun River is the most watery river in the country that has divided Ahvaz into eastern and western halves. The main source of Karun River is located in Zardkooh in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, the most important branch of which is Dez River, which originates from Lorestan Mountains. These branches join in Gotvand Khuzestan and are divided into two branches in Shushtar. In the south of Shushtar, Karun is integrated and flows towards Ahvaz. The largest river in Persia, passing through the heart of Ahvaz, goes to Khorramshahr and its name is changed to Arvandrud and finally enters the waters of the Persian Gulf.

One of the first human civilizations came to life along the Karun River, and over the years life and prosperity have always flowed along the river. This river is navigable due to its width and high water flow rate, and in this respect it is unique in the country. During the Qajar period, shipping was done on this river and Persian and British merchants could bring their goods to Ahvaz or Shushtar via the Persian Gulf.

The Karun River has other unique aspects, such as the different species of fish that live in it. The number of species of floating fish in this river reaches 32 and that the habitat of migratory birds is many. Many people from Ahvaz come around this river for sightseeing and fun, and the presence of jiggers, cooked corns (Balali), falafels near this river and young people who are singing southern songs, and the ear-catching old poem: “Lab-e Karun… Che gol barun…!” are read for Karun.

The atmosphere is very pleasant and the weather in this area is very pleasant at night. One of the best features of Karoon River is the White Bridge. This bridge was built in 1315 AH on the river, which is the first suspension bridge in the country and is actually known as the symbol of the city of Ahvaz and has many fans in our country.

Walking on the White Bridge and watching the Karun River from this magnificent bridge is very attractive and exciting. Another interesting point about the White Bridge is the island that is located between the Karoon River and has multiplied the attractions of this bridge and the Karun River. This very small island has now become a park for the entertainment of the people of Ahvaz and tourists. If you go to Jazireh (Island) Park at night, you can take eye-catching photos with the stunning view of Karun River and White Bridge.

You can go for a walk along the Karun River and enjoy the beautiful view in front of you.

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