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Ahvaz Travel Attractions

Ahvaz is the capital of Khuzestan and the most ancient city in Iran. Khuzestan Embraces incredible Persian-Roman architectural masterworks such as Valeria Bridge over the Karoon river.

Ahvaz, Elamid, Achaemenid and Sassanid Legacy

Ahvaz is the capital of Khuzestan and a part of the Mesopotamia during the reign of the Elamite civilization. Susa was the capital of Elamite and Achaemenid in the present Ahvaz. Also, the Ziggurat of Tchogha Zanbil gives us sufficient information about the Elamites close to Susa. Khuzestan is a cradle of civilization and its history dates back to the pro-Elamite period.

Khuzestan is an identifying area to find cultural diversities with unique cultures united together in peace and happiness. Multicultural residents from different tribes such as Lurs, Bakhtiaris, native Arabs and Persians live together in harmony. The first centre of science and education in Gundishapur university proves the city as a centre of majesty.

The Biggest World Temple (UNESCO Heritage)

Let’s visit Tchogha Zanbil Ziggurat if you like touching depths of the ancient world. The ancient city of Dur Untash or Tchogha Zanbil is in the heart of relics from the Elamite era.

Elamite civilization constructed Tchogha Zanbil Ziggurat around 1200 BC. The Ziggurat seems to be the first spiritual monument in Iran and the biggest Ziggurat on earth. 

Ahvaz Ancient Museum (UNESCO Heritage)

Susa (Shush) Museum is an incredible gallery of archaeological masterworks from Susa’s ancient city. The museum embraces unbelievable remains from Elamite civilization, the Achaemenid empire and potteries from the Persian empires. 

The Most Ancient Capital of Iran (UNESCO Heritage)

Susa was under the soil with so many untold stories in its heart. Discovering Susa was a door that led to human questions about ancient times. Susa (Shush),one of the dateless residential capital, goes back to the pro-Elamite period around 3000 BC. Susa was the place where Daniel the prophet had lived.

The name Susa is shining in the Torah, the Bible, and the Bible of Daniel. Achaemenid emperors renovated it as one of their three capitals. Susa missed its significance in the Sassanid era. The settlement, which was the centre of the Elamite kingdom, consists of three main parts; Royal City, Acropolis and Apadana.

Susa Apadana Palace is part of the magnificent Palace of Darius the Great in Susa (Shush). The enormous capital is one of the thirty-six pillars supporting the palace’s roof. Darius the Great chose Susa as the administrative and executive capital of Achaemenid empire

World Oldest Industrial Complex (UNESCO Heritage)

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System is a masterpiece of genius engineering that archaeologists believe to be the oldest ancient industrial complex. Darius the Great built Shushtar Hydraulic System during the Achaemenid empire around the 5th century BC.

Sustainability in each industry is not just about l using environments completely. Sustainable development consists of the optimal use of natural resources. To save what we have for our posterity. Shushtar system purpose with a chain of canals, mills, bridges, waterfalls, dams, and tunnels was better farming.

Ahvaz Iranian-Arab Home

History, the narration of our past, is a headline for future people to learn about sustainability from our ancestor’s lifestyles. Mozif, in the Persian-Arab culture is an ancient residence carrying the history of the Arab inhabitants in Iran.
Mozif materials are the wamp reeds. Iranian Arabs of Ahvaz gather together in Mozifs with their families and sheikhs. Iranian-Arab communities consult and discuss the issues and problems of the tribe in Muzifs.

Ahvaz Adventure

Chal Kandi Valley is a spectacular Ahvaz travel attraction embracing reeds, grasslands, cliffs, and deep water. Chal Kandi Valley is a popular resort because of adventurous activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing.

Things to Do in Ahvaz

Karun River, Ahvaz travel attraction

Karun River Nightwalk

Reading Time: 2 minutes Karun River is the most watery river and the largest river in Persia, passing through the heart of Ahvaz in Khuzestan province.

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