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Kashani Mohtasham Tomb Shows Religious Heritage

Kashani Mohtasham, a famous Persian poet who was born in Kashan and he is famous for his poems about Shia Imams.
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Introduction to Kashani Mohtasham Tomb

Kashan is one of the historical and ancient cities of Iran, which along with historical buildings, consists of magnificent buildings such as the Kashani Mohtasham Tomb, a famous Persian poet who was born in Kashan in 1500 AD.

Who was Kashani Mohtasham

Kamal-al-din Ali Mohtasham Kashani studied the religious sciences and literature as a teenager and carefully analyzed the poems of ancient Persian poets. Kashani Mohtasham lived during the Safavid era, in the reign of Shah Tahmasp Safavid, and was called the Shams-al Shoara Kashani. He stayed in Kashan all his life, and his main job was weaving and Shar-Bafi. Mohtasham is the greatest lamenter in Persia, who is famous for his poems about Shia Imams. He died at the age of 91 in 1588 AD, and his tomb is in a neighborhood with narrow alleys on Mohtasham Street. These alleys will take you well to the century in which this great poet breathed, to see its unique architecture that shows the taste of the artists of the land.

The Tomb’s Architecture

The tomb of Mohtasham Kashani was architectured during the Safavid period in an area of 80 meters. The dome of such a remarkable tomb is turquoise, and the middle stone and tilework material are marbles. All around the tomb’s brickwork, Mogharnas, and tiling have been applied, embellishing with his verses written and painted on the navy background in four rows in white Nastaliq script. Exquisite colourful paintings have decorated the tomb ceiling, and the brick tiles have covered wall plinths. Outside the mausoleum, connected buildings consisting of a mosque, a Hussainiyah, and a large aqueduct, have been built and remained today.

Kashani Mohtasham Tomb, Kashan Travel Attraction


Kashani Mohtasham’s Collection

You can also see the collection of Mohatasham Kashani’s works in his tomb. The one that had been collected by one of his students in seven books and absorbs many visitors travel to Kashan to see such a collection. Ode poems, lyric poems, verse compositions, quatrains, and Masnavi are of his famous works. If you have enthusiasm for historical monuments with Persian Islamic architecture, we recommend visiting the tomb of Kashani Mohtasham.

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