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Lalejin is the Pottery Capital of the World

Lalejin pottery is one of the oldest active industries in Persia, which was created hundreds of years ago in Hamedan.
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Introduction to the Lalejin city

Lalejin is one of the oldest active industries in Persia, which was created hundreds of years ago, on the path of maturity of the first civilizations of the world, which is still produced in its original way in some areas of this land. These days, pottery has various uses and is exported to other countries. Among all pottery exporters, Lalejin city is the main center in Persia, which has been active in this industry for some time.

This city could be considered as the main center of pottery and ceramics in Persia, which has recorded the greatest number of exports to the world more than any other country. Lalejin pottery has various types, including functional and decorative utensils, various ceramics, and so on. Lalejin pottery is one of those arts that exist in the homes of many Persians. This city is one of the tourist cities of Hamedan province, which is also known as the pottery capital of Persia.

the Lalejin city


Pottery Workshop

As you walk through the streets and alleys of the ancient city of Lalejin, you will see countless women, men, and children creating elegant works of art and continuing the path of their ancestors. Lalejin pottery workshops represent a kind of lifestyle of people that have had an excellent impact on their lives so far. These workshops include four categories;

  • Workshops with more than 50 years of ages that are traditional pottery workshops,
  • Workshops with less than 50 years of ages, which are almost known as the modern workshops,
  • Home workshops,
  • And a few ceramic and tile workshops.

Lalejin, Hamedan Travel Attraction

The variety of pottery products in these exciting collections in Hamedan is very high level. While visiting these spaces, you can see the method of making all kinds of consumer and decorative utensils and take souvenirs from the pottery city of the world for yourself and your relatives.

Lalejin pottery is more decorative these days and is used as a decorative object. In terms of consumption and public use, we can mention the pot used in daisies and the ones used to put water on the table. What attracts the attention of visitors more than anything else in  pottery workshops in Hamadan is the smell of clay and mud in the workshops, which is not only annoying but also very pleasant. That is why Producers and activists in this field may never be interested in retirement and giving up. In Lalejin City (Laleh China), you can try Daisy Lalejin, which sits in the pottery produced by this city and has a unique taste in the traditional restaurants of Lalejin city.

Lalejin, Pottery Workshop


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