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Manochehri Traditional House Goes Beyond Art

Manochehri Traditional House is a unique residence and one of the identifying treasures of traditional Persian architecture.
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Introduction to Manochehri Traditional House

Manochehri Traditional House is a unique residence in the historical context of Kashan, where is considered as one of the identifying treasures of traditional Persian architecture. The three-star guesthouse is located near the ancient bazaar and in the middle of Sarpelleh and Sarsang neighborhoods that was also one of the prestigious neighborhoods and the centre of Kashan silk and silk weaving.

Two entrances in the Manouchehri House were purchased in mid-2007 on the verge of destruction; the house renovation began in principle and was completed by 2010. Regarding the space of the historic house, it includes nine rooms, and each room possesses a distinctive interior design. All rooms’ windows view is to the lovely courtyard in front of the lush gardens of fruit trees. Other room facilities are a desk, mini-bar, refrigerator, and safebox. Moreover, the toilets of each room are designed to fit the interior space.

Manochehri Traditional House, Kashan Travel Attraction

Dining room of Manochehri Traditional House

Manouchehri  House welcomes guests with a local drink in the royal guest room, furnished with traditional Persian furniture. The dining room is one of the most exquisite ambiances of such a house, waiting for guests with a wall of sash windows decorated with stained glass for breakfast and traditional Persian fares.

Manochehri Traditional House, Kashan Travel Attraction

Recreational Facilities

In Manouchehri’s house, you can visit the Zari Bafi or brocade workshop, shop, gallery, cinema, and restaurant there. The residence is the only historic house in Kashan having a reservoir and has changed its function today to a cinema hall. Such a hall is equipped with the most implemented audio and video systems for residential guests’ use and specialized conferences.

Restaurant and its Menu of Manochehri  House

Manouchehri House Restaurant in Shahneshin East Front is one of the most beautiful dining rooms in Iran. The restaurant entrance is from the side room of Shahneshin, one of the most beautiful rooms of this house, and with its thatched walls and coloured gypsum nets above the doors, it brings a Persian spirit. The interior design includes chairs in Polish style with white square tables decorated with coloured window lights. The restaurant menu is a combination of Kashan local food and standard Persian dishes. The most famous local foods of Kashan are Goosht Loubia with Shevid Polo (Bean and meat with special rice), Gheimeh Rizeh (Minced meat), Shefteh sumac, and Goosht Nokhod (Cheakpea and meat).


Kashan is the centre of traditional liqueurs, and the restaurant drinks are a collection of musks such as mint syrup, willow syrup, and cardamom syrup. Kashan sweets such as baklava, muffins, and Sohan with tea and coffee as well as traditional Kashan ice cream can be eaten as a dessert after the main meal, making memorable moments for you.

Art Gallery of the House of Manouchehri

One of the remarkable spaces of Manouchehri House is the art gallery, which is surrounded by a large lobby and majestic corridors. Every month, an artist has the opportunity to exhibit his work in the gallery.

House Store

Manouchehri House Store is located next to the restaurant and in the old spring-house showcasing applied works of Iranian artists, old handicrafts, and woven fabrics on display and for sale. Iranian tourism and art books, Persian music, and Iranian composers’ CDs are other store products. Additionally, if you wish, you can purchase most of the items in the house, such as kilims, carpets, dishes, and lamps, from the store.

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