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Mehdi Akhavan Sales, A Persian Modern Poet

Mehdi Akhavan-Sales is the most influential and famous Persian poet known as Ferdowsi of the contemporary century.
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Introduction to Mehdi Akhavan Sales

Iran has long been a place for publishing science, poetry, and literature in the world. The city of Mashhad has dedicated many celebrities to this land who are popular among tourists, especially the people of literature and knowledge. Mehdi Akhavan Sales is known as one of the greatest and most influential modern and contemporary poets. Mehdi Akhavan-Sales, a famous Persian poet, is buried in Tous, next to Ferdowsi’s tomb. When you visit Ferdowsi Mausoleum, you will see a corner of a small tombstone garden on which the name of Mehdi Akhavan Sales is written, and next to his tomb, a statue of Akhavan Sales is installed. His tomb is without a court and is very simple. A small tombstone has been considered for him, which tells the story of his life. Its location is 15 meters away from Ferdowsi’s tomb due to the vicinity of the Akhavan-Sales to Ferdowsi.

History of Mehdi Akhavan Sales

Mehdi Akhavan-Sales, born in 1928 in Mashhad, is a famous Persian poet and music researcher. He is one of the contemporary poets who is also known as Ferdowsi of the contemporary century. Mehdi Akhavan Sales completed his primary and secondary education in primary in Mashhad and came to Tehran in 1948, where he worked as a teacher despite having a blacksmith’s degree. Akhavan-Sales had inherited a taste for poetry from his mother and had tended to music since childhood. Mehdi was arrested and sent to prison in 1953, like other poets and writers, and was later released. He is one of the most popular poets; Because his poems have a social background, and sometimes he depicts the events of people’s lives. Mehdi Akhavan-Sales tried to make his poems have a Nimayian style while having his custom style. His poems have an epic tone and are twisted with the strength and weight of Khorasani poetry, in which you can find new and fresh compositions. He was also capable of classical Persian poetry and later turned to New Poetry. It is interesting to know Akhavan-Sales was also interested in music, and in his artistic life, poetry and music were linked inextricably. Akhavan’s words have been clear, deep, and multidimensional in different periods of contemporary Persian history and the geniuses of Persian music have given such a blessing in the context of national music. Finally, he passed away on September 25, 1990.

“It’s Winter” Music Album

“It’s Winter” is the name of an album of Persian traditional music based on the Akhavan-Sales’s poetry with the pleasant and enduring voice of Master Mohammad Reza Shajarian with Hossein Alizadeh’s Tar, Kayhan Kalhor’s Kamancheh, and Homayoun Shajarian’s Tombak performed and recorded live in 2000 in California. And on a year later, 2001 was broadcast everywhere.

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