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Mashhad Travel Attractions

Mashhad is the mainland  for Saffron in the world. Saffron is the most invaluable herb in Iran, which plays an important role in Persian food heritage.

Mashhad, Territory of Spirituality and Literature

Exploring Khorasan as the most spiritual province along Silk Road will show you another attractive point of Iran. Mashhad presents art and Shia religion to purify visitors of the ancient road. The city will enlighten you with genus philosophers such as Ferdowsi, Khayyam, and Attar and amaze you with turquoise gems.
Discover a deep culture of literature with rich words of love, joy, modesty and spirituality of life in Mashhad. Mashhad flourishes better ideas about Persian prose and poems from 500 B.C to the present. Art of language empowers Persians to express themselves clearly and effectively. Persian tongue communicates with all nationalities with a silver-tongued language, including articulate and eloquent wording.

Hero of Persian Language

Poetry in each country reflects social realities in words. The words that people from any group, from traders to the poor, would understand. Words could complete the essence of a nation and give identity to its culture, which Ferdowsi did perfectly.

Ferdowsi great Persian poet spent 30 years collecting his book of poems with words in the original Persian Urdu language. He did give meaning and identity to the culture of this old land. Ferdowsi suffered to save the Persian language when all Muslim countries forgot their mother tongue.

The Tomb of Ferdowsi is a unique imitation of the Achaemenid architectural style with his poems engraved on it. The Mausoleum of the most influential poet in the Persian lifestyle is a heroic symbol in Iran. Ferdowsi maintained the Persian language by writing further than 50000 epic poems in Shahnameh.

Mashhad Food

Lets enjoy some of the world-famous Persian fares, you will have them in mind all forever. When going to a classic or traditional Persian restaurant, let’s choose Persian Lamb Chops or Shashlik. Let’s taste Shashlik, especially in Shandiz & Torqabeh in Mashhad Province.

The mouth-watering Shashlik (grilled lamb ribs), marinated in a flavourful Persian-style sauce. It consists of garlic or onion and vegetable oil or butter. The Shashlik is dry on the outside, and juicy inside. Shashlik give you the much-celebrated Persian gastronomic experience while eating with Chelow (Steamed Rice).

Omar Khayyam Tomb

Throughout history, there have always been people who had lived and acted as more than one person.
Hakim Omar Khayyam was a mathematician and audiologist for many years. His discoveries have made him one the most popular, undeniable personalities in history. At the end of his life, he turned into becoming a poet and told magnificent poems. His poems are “Robae’iat“, and Edward Fitzgerald translated them into English.

Sword of Persia Tomb

There have been great people in the world who have left great works that people still remember. People have built monuments and tombs for them to keep them alive in our minds. Nader Shah Afshar was one of the kings of Persia in the 12th century AH.
He is famous as the Sword of Persia, Napoleon of Persia, and Alexander II because of his victorious battles. Fifteen conspirators assassinated him in Khorasan in 1126 AH and let him go to sleep forever. About 50 years ago, Houshang Seyhoun built a tomb for him in his memory in the same city. The tomb includes a museum in a garden famous as the Naderi Garden.

Mashhad Holy Shrine

Sometimes people look for a safe place to adjust their physical and mental fatigue and return home with better energy. You can find such an energetic ambience in Iran in one place; the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza. In the holy shrine, visitors can stare at the golden dome of the sanctuary and refreshing their spirit.

Dancing pigeons on top of the golden shrine and porch will give pilgrims a pure feeling of liberation. A sense of lightness will light up your heart during the pilgrimage. Travellers should walk in the courtyards and porches of the shrine, and breath the pleasant aroma of the environment. They feel the positive energy waving in the atmosphere and immerse in purity little by little.

Rumi Master

The Mausoleum of Attar of Nishabur is a historical building that dates back to 900 B.C in Iran. Attar Mausoleum is one of the famous Persian tombs and one of the top attractions of Nishapur city.
The octagonal tomb, located in the middle of an enchanting garden, includes a tiled dome and four entrances. There are four pavilions embracing turquoise tiles on the exterior, and the tomb is in the middle of the mausoleum.

Mashhad Historical House

Darugheh Historical House is one of the relics from the Qajar era and dazzles you with its seductive appearance. The house is on 610 square meters of land. Darugheh Historical House embraces signs of Russian architecture that distinguish it from other historical dwellings.

Interesting that the mansion holds the first owners of the city. The house includes the first fireplace and the first private bathroom, architectured in the building. Furthermore, the kitchen of Darugheh House is currently a traditional coffee house. Visitors can buy some handicrafts or silverware sold on the first floor as a souvenir.

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