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Qamsar Village is the Home of Rose and Rose Water

Qamsar Village, with its unique nature, completely green, and pleasant in spring, is one of the most charming village in Iran.
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Introduction to Qamsar Village

Qamsar Village, located in the south of Kashan, with its unique nature, completely green, and pleasant in spring, is the most charming city in Iran and the most prominent sub-city of Kashan. The region is one of the most significant areas of Damask Rose (Golmohammadi) growth and the rose capital of Iran; Every spring, the pink colour of Damask Roses enters the land, filling the city with their intoxicating aroma. Locals hold a traditional rose-picking ceremony in the city, from May to mid-June. Experiencing this historical event is one of the most valuable ones in Ghamsar, hence,  thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Kashan every spring to attend the exciting ceremony; they travel to such a city not only to visit the most delightful Persian festival but also to purchase herbal distillates such as pure and natural rose water as souvenirs.

History of Qamsar Village

The city is estimated to be 2,500 years old or more, indicating that Qamsar is a historical city with a long story. In the past, Qamsar was also called Kamsar. The coins’ discovery at the foot of the Ashk Mountains in the northeast of the city, belonged to the Achaemenid era, reinforces the hypothesis that Qamsar dates back to the pre-Islamic period.

Other sights of Qamsar Village

Ghamsar is one of the famous cities in Iran due to its refreshing waters and has long been considered one of the best summer quarters in Kashan, currently also in the Qajar period.

Although the number of historical houses in Kashan is much more, in Qamsar you can see some outstanding examples too.

Saray-e Khatoun Qamsar

Khatun Qamsar Palace, with its modern and Persian-Islamic architecture style at the same time, is one of the most spectacular places in Ghamsar. This building design is inspired by the Pirnia House, and some Shahcheragh and Ali Qapu mirror works of Isfahan can be seen there as well.

Zakeri House

Zakeri House is known as the oldest rose-picking centre in the world. The previous owner of the historical place, Mullah Mohsen Feyz Kashani, was one of the poets and mystics of the Safavid era. The traditional Zakeri House is next to the Ghamsar Grand Mosque, so visiting it is dual-purpose as the house is both a historical building and possesses many attractions as a rose-picking centre. We should mention that Ghamsar Rose Museum is in a defined part of Zakeri’s house, where you will see the traditional course of the rose-picking process from beginning to end.

Haj Mandeh Ali and Ehsani’s House

The house of Haj Mandeh Ali and the Ehsani’s family are among the noble ones of Ghamsar. These country houses with their magnificent multi-storey porches are 200 years old.

Bird Garden

Like most cities, Qamsar includes a 10,000-hectare bird garden inhabited by birds from 17 countries.

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