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Shandiz and Torghabeh, The green jewel of Mashhad

Shandiz & Torghabeh, are two summer regions with a pleasant and memorable environment in Mashhad with many Attractions for visitors.
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Introduction to Shandiz and Torghabeh

Mashhad is a large and touristic city containing various natural, historical, and cultural attractions. Torqabeh and Shandiz are two summer regions around Mashhad with several recreational facilities in the Binalood Mountains foothills. Torqabeh was one of the large villages of ancient Tus. Torqabeh and Shandiz have a long history; the cities were also passage and promenades during the Islamic centuries due to their location on the mountainous road from Mashhad to Neyshabur. Today, Torghabeh and Shandiz have become small towns with many recreational and tourism facilities attracting many visitors.

Torghabeh Region

Torghabeh means a large village and is known by this name because of the old and great orchards. Such a picturesque mountainous area consists of many gardens and parks, and you can see lots of orchards everywhere you look. These gardens are full of various fruit trees, the most famous product of which is walnut. In addition to the lush gardens, many water springs have come out of the heart of nature in every corner, bringing a peaceful atmosphere to the region.

  • The main occupation of most natives in the region is agriculture, and today, growing flowers and plants is also one of the active occupations of Torghabeh & Shandiz.
  • There are several shops in Torghabeh for buying souvenirs and handicrafts, including basket weaving and carpet weaving products that you should visit.

Shandiz Region

In ancient times, there was a strong castle in Shandiz, which was very resistant to natural disasters and enemy attacks, ‌ for this reason, the area was named Shah Dejha or Shahan Dej, which later Shandiz got its name from the abbreviation of the words Dej and Shahi.

  • There are magnificent gardens in the area, especially cherry gardens.
  • Shandiz handicrafts include embroidered furs, hats, and coats, which are so popular.

Other Attractions of Shandiz and Torghabeh

Torghabeh and Shandiz provide a pleasant and memorable environment for you through their native architecture to have a delightful time in the middle of nature. Furthermore, do not forget the various recreational areas such as the Blue Village, the marvelous Abshar Street, Shandiz War Park, the Zoo, the equestrian complex, the racing track, the ski resort, and the large international commercial complexes. There is also a large hotel in Torqabeh where you can relax. The hotel facilitates accessibility to all parts of the area due to its excellent location in Torqabeh and Shandiz.

  • Hesar or Bar River is one of the best green regions in Torqabeh. You should reach the river near the footpath and enjoy its climate.
  • Kang village, where is one of the prominent spots of the region, is known as Masouleh Khorasan because, like Masouleh village of Gilan, the roof of every house is the yard of another house.
  • Golestan Dam is one of the historical dams in Khorasan Razavi province, located on Torqabeh Road. Due to the heavy rainfall of the region, the water level rises, creating a fascinating landscape.
  • Chalidarreh Tourist Complex is another tourist spot in Torqabeh that allows fishing and boating. There is also a cable car in Chalidarreh to experience the heights of the area.

Famous Foods of The Region

  • Torqabeh pot is one of the famous dishes of Mashhad and is prepared on firewood; therefore, it has a varied and delicious taste.
  • Torghabeh ice cream is also famed, so if you come to the region in summer, be sure to try the ice cream.
  • You can taste foods such as Shishlik kebab, Dizi, Eshkeneh, or the same Kaleh joosh, Fesanjan, and all kinds of crumbs.

It may be interesting to know that although Dizi is the local food of Torghabeh, Shishlik is the most popular fare in the area, so delicious that you will never forget the taste. The composition of the food is six pieces of mutton that are cooked especially.

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