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Shashlik Kebab, taste of Steak on Stick

Shashlik kebab is one of the most delicious kebabs you can find in Mashhad and give you a new tasty experience.
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Introduction to Shashlik Kebab

Shashlik kebab is one of the most delicious dishes of Khorasan Razavi, especially in Mashhad and Shandiz, which has many fans among Iranians. Shishlik kebab is one of those tempting and delicious kebabs that you can find the best type in Shandiz; Where it is said that the origin of such a unique kebab. To eat the Shishlik kebab, you have to put aside the spoon and fork, pull it to the teeth and enjoy the crisp, juicy taste with an appealing aroma. Kebab serving among grilled tomatoes, saffron rice, pickled garlic, salads, and pickles, double the pleasure of eating.

The Shashlik name’s root

Shashlik is a type of kebab made from six pieces of meat, which are traditionally are fillet, and because it has particular cooking, it is not on every restaurant’s menu. Shishlik is derived from the Turkish word; In the Caucasian Turkish language, shish and Lik mean “skewers” and “skewered meats.” However, many people have the misconception that Shashlik kebab is a kebab made of 6 pieces of meat due to the name containing the word Shish, meaning six in Farsi.

History of Shashlik kebab

The method of preparing and cooking this kebab is slightly different from other kebabs as it has its cooking method. Although this kebab comes from Central Europe, Western Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, it has many fans in Iran and has become one of the most popular fares today. Even in different cities of Iran, it has a distinctive cooking method than all other parts of the world. There are various narrations about the first Persian Shashlik. According to a tradition, the delicious food was introduced to Mashhad and Shandiz’s inhabitants in 1932 by Karim Hatem, the son of Hashemi (Karim Shishliki). He became known as Hossein Shishliki. Haj Hassan made the food famous and scored. This kebab was so delicious that it gradually became popular, and many people added it to their menu. The people of Shandiz, in particular, continued to cook Shashlik kebabs and made them more and more famous. Shashlik kebab is cooked in the form of sliced ​​meat in different cities of Iran, but in Mashhad, where represents the most well-known type of Shishlik kebab, especially in Torqabeh and Shandiz, the meat is skewered with ribs and grilled on charcoal.

Cooking method

Shashlik is an international dish that is often prepared with lamb in other countries, however, some countries go for other meats based on their native culture; for preparing shishlik kebab, the fillet of mutton or beef or fresh lamb is cut into wide pieces. Then, with some fat around the beef offal, the chef chops the onion and bell pepper, or sometimes cuts the mushroom into skewers one by one, then places the skewer on the charcoal. This kebab is also served in other parts of the world such as Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Poland, and Turkey.

Shashlik Kebab in the Shandiz area

Shandiz summer region has a good lamb with a thinner and higher quality texture due to the pleasant climate and suitable climatic conditions. Shashlik Shandiz differs from other places in terms of meat quality; For this reason, only onions, salt, and pepper are used to flavor the meat. The cook massages the onion well to drain it; It is then mixed with meat and refrigerated for 48 hours. The meat is then beaten with special meat grinders, and it is skewered an hour later. The use of appropriate methods such as getting extra fat on the meat, pounding, simmering, flavoring the meat with local and fresh spices, and using local wood and charcoal, have had an inclusive impact on the popularity of Shandiz kebabs.

Serving the kebab with fresh and local ingredients such as buttermilk and yogurt with mint and thyme, local bread, pickled garlic, and using local butter for a better rice’s taste has made Shandiz’s Shashlik different from other kebabs. Shandiz’s shishlik cooking method has been registered by Shandiz restaurant owners in the list of Intangible Heritages of Iran!


Shashlik kebab contains various vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, iron, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber. Such food has useful properties due to its vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus in strengthening bones and teeth, preventing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Vitamin B12, folic acid, and iron also help increase red blood cells and eliminate anemia made it influential for pregnant ladies and fetuses. Strengthening memory and vision, improving the function of the nervous system, preventing Alzheimer’s disease, increasing energy levels, building muscle, rejuvenating, and refreshing the skin and hair are other properties of Shashlik kebab.

To try Shashlik Kebab, you should go to the summer town of Shandiz or Torqabeh around Mashhad, order your kebab and wait for the feeling of this delicious experience.

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