Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Shows Sky in A Dome

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque,The masterpiece of Persian architecture and the yellow agate jewel shinning under the light of the day.

Introduction to Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

The masterpiece of Persian architecture, the yellow agate jewel shinning under the light of the day; Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, one of the most magnificent architectural works of Safavid dynasty, where like its appearance, narrates a special story of its construction. it was built to adore the greatness and wisdom of an authentic man, at the time of the arrogant, superb, dignified ruler of Safavids; Shah Abbas, the 1st. This mosque not only does it show the very wisdom of the man, but it also embodies peace and light in the Eden.
Sheikh Lotfollah, Isfahan travel attraction

History of Sheikh Lotfollah

This magnificent Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque was built during the Safavid period, at the region of Shah Abbas Safavid the 1st, when Europe was slowly moving toward the new developments at the beginning of the modern centuries (16th to 19th centuries). Shah Abbas Safavi ordered for this monument to dedicate to one of the scholars of the time, Sheikh Lotfollah.

this Mosque was reserved only for the royal family; Ordinary people were not allowed to enter it. From the opening of the mosque, Shah Abbas would get there to worship every day, until the last day of his life.

Sheikh Lotfollah, Isfahan travel attraction

Architecture of the turquoise jewels of Isfahan

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is a masterpiece of both architecture and tilework; The shining turquoise jewels, located in the Eastern side of Naqshe Jahan Square. One thing should be noticed is that, the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque includes no minaret and courtyard. Since using minarets in the constructor of mosques meant to call people to worship there, as this mosque was built personally, it does not include any minarets. The Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, includes one of the most delightful eye-catching domes, with such minimal within. This dome, as the only pea-colored dome built during the Safavid ruling, also gets a special view at each time of the day. In the lower part of the dome, there are inscriptions of Quranic verses with white mosaic tiles on azure background.

Entering the monument, we will face the magnificent inscription of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque entrance, made of azure mosaic tiles. You cross a corridor from the entrance to the altar, the place where the Shah would worship. In Perso-Islamic art, since creating the human figures of the walls of the holy places is interpreted as idolatry, the art of tilling has stepped in to the arena to give the glory and beauty to the monument by the shapes, and designs that are an embodiment of Eden. The art in which, the colors turquoise blue, and turquoise green are used to give the calm sense of heaven.

Getting to the altar you will be surprised by the mosaic tiles worked around the place. Another feature of this Mosque is the seven-fold reflection of sound. At the time of Shah Abbas, the 1st, there used to be a secret way, connecting the Aali Qapu Palace to the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. Through this way, the king Shah Abbas, was able to get to the mosque to both worship and visit Sheikh Lotfollah, the great scholar of the time.

Sheikh Lotfollah, Isfahan travel attraction

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