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Shiraz Walking Tour Depicts Heavon of Architecture

Shiraz, walking tour embraces lovers stories and spring orange and depict a land of eye-catching things to visit.
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Shiraz Walking Tour

Shiraz, walking tour embraces lovers stories and spring orange and depict a land of eye-catching things to visit. Perhaps its attractiveness was the reason for choosing the city as the summer capital of the Achaemenids 2500 years ago, where the best time to travel is May (Ordibehesht).

Karim Khan Heritage Walking Tour

We will start our journey by visiting Arg of Karim Khan (Karim Khan Citadel), the citadel built in the Zandiyeh era is the most significant and enormous construction of the time. The exterior is militarily designed, and the place was a prison until the 1970s.

Karim Khan Citadel, Shiraz travel attraction
Karim khan Citadel

Vakil Complex

Finally, with a short walk, you have the chance to try the cool and sweet Faludeh at the north of Arg of Karim Khan. Next, we will visit Pars Museum (kolah-e Farangi); the pavilion named Kolah-e Farangi (foreign hat) was built by Karim Khan Zand in the Shiraz Nazar Garden and was a place for meetings, ceremonies, and celebrations. It might be absorbing for you to know that every new building on this street today has a traditional design. Also, with a little walking, you will see the Vakil bathhouse, Vakil mosque, and Vakil Bazaar. The Vakil bath was one of the most extensive baths of that era, designed and built with the most advanced architectural platform. The fascinating point is that Karim Khan also bathed there; on the other hand, the bath is a few meters to the West of Vakil Mosque with impressive architecture, not necessarily in terms of size, but in glamour and design.

Vakil Mosque, Shiraz travel attraction
Vakil Mosque embraces 48 stone columns in a coordinated and spiral form in a five thousand square meters area in Shiraz.

Vakil Bazaar

Then let us go to Vakil bazaar, a trading place where you can buy souvenirs and enjoy talking with locals. Your next stop should be the end of the bazaar to visit Saraye Moshir and its elegant tile-works. Such a famous bazaar, known as Golshan House, was built during the Qajar period. Do not forget to have a meal at this place!

Vakil Bazaar, Shiraz travel attraction
Vakil Bazaar, Shiraz travel attraction

Shiraz Pink Mosque

We might go to Nasir al-Mulk Mosque or Pink Mosque of Shiraz from Lotf Ali Khan Street;  you must see the mosque in the early hours of the morning because the sun’s rays create a captivating scene in passing through the mosque’s coloured glass.

Nasir al-Molk Mosque Orsi Windows, Shiraz Travel Attraction
Orsi Windows with Stained Glasses Inviting Many Colors to the Mosque.

Narenjestan Garden Walking Tour

In the end, we will visit Shiraz Naranjestan garden located in Lotf Ali Khan Street, which is inscribed on the National Heritage List of Persia. Here is one of the most important sightseeing places, giving you a remarkable feeling due to the smell of the trees blossoming in Shiraz.

Narenjestan Garden, Shiraz travel attraction

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